What does posterior mean in medical terms?

What does posterior mean in medical terms?

Posterior is often used as a technical term in biology and medicine to refer to the back side of things, and is the opposite of anterior, which refers to the front side. When used as a noun, posterior simply means “buttocks”.

What does posterior body mean?

Posterior or dorsal – back (example, the shoulder blades are located on the posterior side of the body). Medial – toward the midline of the body (example, the middle toe is located at the medial side of the foot).

What is posterior and example?

Posterior is defined as the buttocks. An example of a posterior is a person’s rear. The definition of posterior is later, following, after or at the rear. An example of something posterior is the dorsal fin on a shark; a posterior fin.

What is the meaning of posteriori?

from the latter
A posteriori, Latin for “from the latter”, is a term from logic, which usually refers to reasoning that works backward from an effect to its causes.

What is a posterior view?

Posterior (or dorsal) Describes the back or direction toward the back of the body. Lateral describes the side or direction toward the side of the body. The thumb (pollex) is lateral to the digits. Medial describes the middle or direction toward the middle of the body. The hallux is the medial toe.

What is another name for posterior anatomy?

directed toward or situated at the back; opposite of anterior. Called also dorsal.

Does posterior placenta mean boy?

Posterior placenta linked to gender of fetus: There is no scientific evidence that proves that a posterior placenta means a boy or a girl. The same holds true for a fundal posterior placenta and an anterior placenta.

What is another name for posterior on a human?

What is another word for posterior?

bottom buttocks
rump bum
butt tail
cheeks buns
haunches tush

What is a posterior baby?

A baby that is head-down but facing your abdomen is said to be in the posterior position. A small percentage of babies end up in this position at birth. If your baby is in the posterior position, you may be in for a more complicated delivery. The technical term is occiput posterior (OP) position.

Is science a priori?

A priori knowledge is that which is independent from experience. Examples include mathematics, tautologies, and deduction from pure reason. A posteriori knowledge is that which depends on empirical evidence. Examples include most fields of science and aspects of personal knowledge.

What is a posteriori truth?

A posteriori truth is truth that cannot be known or justified independently of evidence from sensory experience, and a posteriori concepts are concepts that cannot be understood independently of reference to sensory experience.