Does Xplornet offer satellite TV?

Does Xplornet offer satellite TV?

Xplornet’s first satellite supports customer download speeds of up to 25 megabytes per second, with more capacity than all current North American broadband satellites combined. Shaw serves 3.4 million customers through an extensive fibre network.

What is the cost of Xplornet?

The new unlimited broadband data plans are available at all speed levels and are affordably priced from $59.99 to $99.99 per month.

Why is my xplornet so slow?

Sometimes what seems like slow Internet service is a slow computer problem. Run your disk defragmentation utility, and a virus/malware scan, and empty your recycle bin. An unusually slow Internet connection is often the only sign that your computer is infected with viruses or other issues.

What satellite does xplornet use Canada?

Xplornet’s network is made up of fixed-wireless towers and satellites. It reaches all of Canada, including Nunavut. The EchoStar XIX satellite weighed 6,765 kilograms at launch and will orbit 35,888 kilometres above the Earth, and has a life expectancy of 15 years.

How much does Xplornet cost per month?

The Xplore 50/10 UNLIMITED package is now available to new and current customers of Xplornet that are in the eligible serving area at a standard price of $109.99 per month. For a limited time, new customers can opt for a two-year plan at a price of $99.99 per month, with that price guaranteed for those two years.

Is xplornet fast?

Faster Internet means better high-definition streaming. However, whether you chose HD or SD, Xplornet offers high-speed packages with speeds of up to 25 Mbps, allowing you and your family to stream your favourite shows or movies smoothly either way!

Does Bell own xplornet?

Xplore Mobile On February 16, 2017, Bell announced that as part of its acquisition of Manitoba Telecom Services (MTS), it would divest a portion of its wireless subscribers to Xplornet. Xplornet will receive 24,700 MTS subscribers, as well as 6 retail locations, and wireless spectrum.

Who is Xplornet owned by?

Stonepeak Infrastructure Partners
WOODSTOCK, NB – Xplornet Communications Inc., Canada’s largest rural-focused broadband service provider, today announced the completion of its sale to Stonepeak Infrastructure Partners, whereby Stonepeak has acquired the controlling stake in Xplornet.

Who owns Xplornet internet?

What are the prices of Xplornet internet plans?

Xplornet offers residential internet plans in the following cities: Gatineau , Saguenay , Trois-Rivières , Burlington , Drummondville They offer speeds from 10Mbps to 25Mbps and prices from $82.03 to $134.11. They offer the following technologies: wireless . .

What does Xplornet do for a living in Canada?

For over a decade, Xplornet has been providing innovative broadband solutions to rural customers at work, home and play across Canada. Today, Xplornet offers voice and data communication services through its unique wireless and satellite network that connects Canadians to what matters.

Where is Xplornet’s office in Woodstock New Brunswick?

At that time, Xplornet’s primary office was in Woodstock, New Brunswick, a town of 5000, and most of their employees lived and raised their families in the community where they grew up. The company was founded by people from rural New Brunswick who understand the challenges involved with getting rural Internet service.

Who is the leader of Xplornet rural Internet?

With this month’s rural Internet service area update, we wanted to give you a little insight into how Xplornet’s Network Planning and Provision Team works by introducing you to their leader, Michelle Bourgoin. Michelle has been with Xplornet since before the “Xplornet” we know today existed. “I have been with the company for 24 years,” she said.