What is a PEPPM contract?

What is a PEPPM contract?

PEPPM is a technology cooperative purchasing program established in 1982. The PEPPM purchasing cooperative has a proven record of serving school districts and other public agencies across all the United States with purchasing contracts competitively bid under the high standards expected for public-sector procurement.

What does Peppm stand for?


Acronym Definition
PEPPM Pennsylvania Education Purchasing Program for Microcomputers

How to limit the number of PEPPM contracts?

If you are a logged-in user, then the number of PEPPM contracts presented adjusts, so that you see only the contracts and prices that apply to your agency type and location. Use the filter box on the left to limit your view to certain contract types.

Why do we need a PEPPM cooperative contract?

WHY CHOOSE PEPPM OUR CONTRACTS SEE MORE PEPPM users achieve lower costs of acquisition for their technology products. They also enjoy the promise from awarded vendors to offer their best national cooperative price – all this under the confidence of using competitively bid contracts awarded by a fellow educational agency.

What kind of work plan does PEPPM cover?

Assessment and management of documents under a work plan that covers printed output and other approaches to the deployment and management of copiers and printers that are neutral toward any particular branded approach Wireless voice paging and data messaging systems for emergency communication, mass notification, public address and intercom

What does origin mean on a PEPPM contract?

“Origin” represents the name of the lead agency awarding the contract. “Number” represents the contract number. Clicking it takes you to summary data about the contract. Hover over a column title to see link options or sorting capability.