Are 1911 triggers drop in?

Are 1911 triggers drop in?

When looking for a 1911 trigger upgrade for your pistol, a common improvement sought by shooters is a trigger job with a crisp, clean break. The Drop-In Trigger System is designed for use in most 1911 models, and installation is simple enough that minimal gunsmithing skills are necessary.

Do triggers break in?

GI triggers, which is what you have, are generally heavy and gritty. They will break in as the parts get burnished against each other.

What is the trigger pull on a 1911?

My preference is no lighter than 3 pounds on a 1911 for a range gun. Most of the time I find 3.5 to be about right with my upper limit being 4 pounds. If the gun is going to be carried it won’t be less than 3.5 pounds.

What is trigger slop?

Also known as slack, the trigger take-up occurs when you’ve placed your trigger finger on the trigger, and you’ve begun to squeeze. When the positive movement hasn’t yet caused the sear to move or engaged the mainspring, that’s the take-up.

What is a trigger break?

Trigger Break (aka Release) Technically: The point of the trigger action where the sear releases the hammer (or the striker, depending on the type of action).

What is a good trigger pull weight for a 1911?

When it came to the ideal carry-weight trigger pull on a 1911 in the hands of someone competent, Jeff Cooper himself said, “Three pounds, crisp, is the word.”

Is a lighter trigger pull better?

Generally speaking, the less work a trigger does, the lighter the pull. Striker-fired semiauto trigger pulls are generally somewhere in the middle in terms of pull weight, and striker-fired guns have more trigger travel than most single-action firearms.

What is over travel on a trigger?

Overtravel is the characteristic of a trigger to continue its rearward motion after the sear releases the hammer/firing pin/striker. Overtravel reduction is the attempt to eliminate post-release movement of the trigger, through a variety of components and/or assemblies.

What is a non stacking trigger?

Creep and stacking: Stacking is the characteristic resistance of the trigger’s pull weight, it’s like a trigger pull weight profile. If a gun does not have stacking, the trigger pressure (really trigger force) required to pull the trigger is uniform from start to finish.

How do you change the trigger on a 1911?

This one is easy to change without taking the gun apart. All you need is the appropriate Allen wrench to fit in the trigger hole and reach the overtravel screw. Screw inwards and test the trigger reset. For the 1911, cock it and fire. Keep your finger on the trigger and rack the slide.

Which is the best trigger shoe for 1911?

Ed Brown offers a choice of long or short length shoe to give all 1911 shooters the most comfortable length of pull. The long length model features 3 drilled holes for an even lighter trigger pull. The shoe is built from silver anodized aluminum, whereas the bow is constructed with polished stainless steel.

What does overtravel mean on a 1911 rifle?

1911 Trigger Overtravel. Overtravel is how much the trigger continues to move after the break. This will dictate how much you have to let the trigger reset until you can shoot again. This one is easy to change without taking the gun apart.

What do you need to bend the ears on a 1911 trigger bow?

All you need to do is bend out the ears on your trigger bow using a small screwdriver or pliers. The ears push against the frame and set your trigger back so you have to move it less. Make sure you get the ears as matched up as possible.