What neighborhood is Kerry Park Seattle in?

What neighborhood is Kerry Park Seattle in?

Queen Anne Hill
Kerry Park is a small public park and viewpoint on the south slope of Queen Anne Hill in Seattle, Washington, United States. It overlooks Downtown Seattle and is located along West Highland Drive between 2nd Avenue West and 3rd Avenue West….Kerry Park (Seattle)

Kerry Park
Created 1927
Operated by Seattle Parks and Recreation

Where do you park at Kerry Park?

The park is located in the Queen Anne neighborhood so there is free parking along the streets. If you’re heading to the park on a clear and sunny day, or especially for sunset, parking may be tough. I suggest driving a bit further north in to the neighborhood (near 5th Ave W & W Lee St) to find parking.

Can you see Mt Rainier from Kerry Park?

Kerry Park in the Queen Anne neighborhood has long been considered one of the best places to overlook the entire city of Seattle. You can see the Space Needle, the downtown skyline, and the mountains all around the city, including Rainier.

Are dogs allowed at Kerry Park?

The park is the size of a postage stamp right next to the curb. It’s just an observation parklet with benches. Leashed dogs are everywhere in seattle so taking your pet will not be out of the ordinary.

Is Kerry Park free?

Free. Definitely worth a short visit. The is some street parking.

Is the Seattle waterfront open?

New Pier 62 is open now! To know more about the new park and its upcoming events, visit Friends of Waterfront Seattle’s new website. In June 2020, the City of Seattle completed the major construction elements of the rebuilt Pier 62. Respecting public health guidance, the City has opened Pier 62 on September 20, 2020.

What side of the plane does Seattle fly on?

Snag a seat on the right side of the aircraft on takeoff, hope that the winds are right and departures are to the north, and be in awe. On landing into Seattle, the left side is often the better choice instead.

Can you see Mt Baker from Seattle?

Located in the Mount Baker Wilderness, it is visible from much of Greater Victoria, Nanaimo, and Greater Vancouver in British Columbia, and to the south, from Seattle (and on clear days Tacoma) in Washington.

Can you drink at Golden Gardens?

First and foremost, the park has a strict no alcohol policy. Alcohol of any kind is prohibited in the park. Alcohol consumption largely contributes to the amount of violence and disturbances in the park. Alcohol fueled fights and disturbances negatively impact the enjoyment of the park for all citizens.

What mountain can you see from Kerry Park?

On a good day, you can see Mount Rainier from Kerry Park.

Does Seattle have a RiverWalk?

Stretching between Leary Way, near Redmond Town Center, on the south, and Northeast 90th Street on the north, the RiverWalk contains a mix of amenities visible to those who choose to slow down a bit.

What’s the view from Kerry Park in Seattle?

Kerry Park’s iconic view of the Seattle skyline is widely published in photographs and probably just about anyone who has seen a skyline photo has seen this view, yet they may or may not know where to go see the view for themselves. While you’re at the park, you can also catch views of Mt. Rainier and Elliott Bay.

Where is Kerry Park in New York City?

Kerry Park is located at 211 W. Highland Drive and is open from 6 a.m. until 10 p.m. The park is not very large and is essentially a narrow strip of grass with a sculpture at its center and the viewing wall along the opposite end from the street. Parking is available on the neighborhood streets surrounding the park.

How did Kerry Park in northwest get its name?

Parking is available on the neighborhood streets surrounding the park. Kerry Park is named for Albert Kerry, a Northwest lumberman who was also known for his involvement in the community.

Where to get the best views of Seattle?

For one of the best views of Seattle head to Kerry Park, a small park located on the south side of Queen Anne Hill. A photo from here is Seattle postcard-perfect, featuring ferries crossing Elliott Bay, the city skyline with the Space Needle in the…more.