How many times did John Cooper lose to Michigan?

How many times did John Cooper lose to Michigan?

Cooper’s Buckeyes struggled under the spotlight, going just 2-10-1 against archrival Michigan to go with the losing bowl record. Six times in his 13 years, the Buckeyes closed out their season with consecutive losses to Michigan and in a bowl game.

What is coach John Cooper doing now?

Cooper (born August 23, 1967) is a Canadian-American professional ice hockey coach who is the head coach for the Tampa Bay Lightning of the National Hockey League (NHL). Cooper won back-to-back Stanley Cup championships in 2020 and 2021 as the Lightning head coach, and is currently the longest-tenured coach in the NHL.

When was the last time Ohio State lost to Michigan in football?

In fact, the 2021 season will officially mark 10 years since Michigan’s last win against the Buckeyes (2011), including the two worst losses in rivalry history (2018, 2019).

What was Earle Bruce record against Michigan?

5-4 record
Bruce did know how to beat Michigan, posting a 5-4 record against the Wolverines.

Who has won more OSU or Michigan?

Michigan–Ohio State football rivalry

All-time series Michigan leads, 58–51–6
Largest victory Michigan 86, Ohio State 0 (1902)
Longest win streak Michigan, 9 (1901–1909)
Current win streak Ohio State, 8 (2012–present)

Was Jon Cooper a hockey player?

A native of Prince George, British Columbia, Cooper, 52, played high school hockey at Notre Dame in Wilcox, Saskatchewan. He then moved on to Hofstra University, where he obtained his bachelor’s degree in business administration.

How many times did Earl Bruce beat Michigan?

He won four Big Ten titles and beat Michigan five times in nine tries. The 20th head coach of Ohio State football, Bruce wasn’t the greatest coach in school history, though only five coaches – Meyer, Carrol Widdoes, Tressel, John Eckstorm and Hayes – bested his . 755 winning percentage.

What was Gary Cooper’s record against Michigan?

However, Cooper has also been remembered for his 3–8 bowl record and his 2–10–1 record against archrival Michigan. His most disappointing losses to the Wolverines came in 1993, 1995, and 1996.

What was John Cooper’s record at Ohio State?

In his 13 seasons at Ohio State, Cooper compiled a 111–43–4 record; his 111 victories are second in Ohio State history behind only Woody Hayes ‘s 205.

How many Ohio State football coaches have won against Michigan?

Ohio State has sent twenty-one coaches into battle against Michigan – all but one with overall career winning records. Only four, however, have managed winning records against Michigan – ranging from Jim Tressel’s 9-1-0 to Woody Hayes’ 16-11-1 (1951-1978) and Urban Meyer’s perfect 7-0..

Is there a series lead between Ohio State and Michigan?

There’s even good news here for John Cooper. Even if you were born during the John Cooper era, Ohio State still holds a series lead against Michigan. You can thank the incredible Jim Tressel and Urban Meyer years for that series lead. Time to dig in and see how Ohio State has done against Michigan since you were born.