What is ume sake?

What is ume sake?

Umeshu (梅酒) is a Japanese liqueur made by steeping ume plums (while still unripe and green) in liquor (焼酎, shōchū) and sugar. It has a sweet, sour taste, and an alcohol content of 10–15%. Famous brands of umeshu include Choya, Takara Shuzo and Matsuyuki.

How do you drink ume sake?

For the purest drinking experience, chilled umeshu can be enjoyed straight up so that the flavors are not diluted by melting ice. The most common way to drink umeshu is on the rocks. The ice may be larger rocks or crushed, for an even more refreshing version.

Is umeshu the same as sake?

Umeshu is made by combining ume that is not fully ripened, sugar (or honey) and shochu or sake. Shochu-based umeshu is more common, but plenty of umeshu is made with sake. Some producers even use ginjō sake as a base. A few novel varieties are based on whisky or rum.

Is plum wine same as sake?

There are various differences between sake and plum wine. The sake is a liquor made out of rice and much similar to beer or akin in its production methods. On the other hand, plum wine is exactly that, a wine made of plums.

Is sake distilled?

Although there are many parallels between sake, beer, and wine, it is truly a unique brewing process. Sake is not a liquor and is not distilled and while it has a high ABV and complexity like wine, there are no natural sugars in rice. Learn more about the fascinating brewing process below.

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Can you mix sake with whiskey?

Just combine three to four ounces of and old-fashion Junmai sake (like Kimoto) with a teaspoon of whiskey or bourbon — Niikawa-Helton likes the combo of Daishichi Kimoto and Maker’s Mark. Serve on the rocks, or even hot if you prefer.

Does Umeshu go bad?

Since umeshu does not have an expiration date, once after your umeshu is ready, you can enjoy it for a long time without worrying it might go bad. The ume plums used for making it can be eaten as well.

Is shochu and soju the same?

Soju and shochu are both made from a base of fermented ingredients, often grain, such as rice or barley. “The etymology of their names are the same: the ‘so’ in soju and ‘sho’ in shochu both mean ‘burn’ or ‘burned’; the ‘ju’ in soju and the ‘chu’ in shochu both mean alcohol.

Do you sip or take shots of sake?

Regardless of temperature, don’t shoot your sake. Sake is a fermented rice drink. It’s not a beer, wine or liquor. Just sip it, kind of how you would enjoy wine or tea.