Are chewy sprees discontinued?

Are chewy sprees discontinued?

Spree is a candy manufactured by The Willy Wonka Candy Company, a brand owned by the Ferrara Candy Company unit of Ferrero SpA. Spree was created by the Sunline Candy Company, later renamed Sunmark Corporation, of St. The Chewy Spree Mixed Berry flavor was discontinued in 2015.

Are sprees supposed to be chewy?

The original Sprees are a compressed dextrose tart with a bright candy shell. The Chewy Spree, however, is less tart. I don’t know why, but it is….Chewy Spree: Original & Mix’d Berry.

Size: 1.7 ounces

What flavor are chewy sprees?

Spree are assorted sweetart-like disks with a candy shell, sweet on the outside and tart on the inside. They come in the original flavors which are grape, lemon, lime, cherry and orange.

Do chewy sprees have different flavors?

They come in Grape, Orange, Lemon, Green Apple and Strawberry, otherwise known as the “don’t rock the boat” flavors of middle/later children. Earlier this year Nestle debuted their newest addition, the Mix’d Berry Chewy Spree at the All Candy Expo. They’re pretty, the same shape and size, same glossy paint colors.

Are chewy sprees vegan?

Unfortunately, one of the ingredients in the candy is egg albumen. Moreover, the candies are manufactured in a unit that also deals with other candies containing milk-based ingredients. There is a possibility of cross-contamination. Hence, the Spree candy is not vegan.

How do you eat a spree?

Ways to Eat Sprees Some people like to separate all their Spree candy into each flavor group and then eat the ones they like best first, or, save them until last. Others like to randomly pop one in their mouth to enjoy the different flavors as they arrive.

Are sprees sour?

A stimulating taste creation, Spree is sweet-meets-tangy fun that really packs a punch. Chewy Spree reconceives the fun in hard-coated candies with a soft, chewy center that’s impossible not to love. Delivering unexpected texture with a hint of sour, Chewy Spree simply begs to be devoured.

What happened to Shock Tarts?

Shock Tarts were discontinued but then rereleased and as “Shockers” under the The Willy Wonka brand. Why are the called Shockers? Try one and you will see. Update: In mid-2015 the name was changed to Sweetarts Chewy Sours.

How many pieces of Chewy Spree Candy did I eat?

However, when I did love candy, chewy sprees were one of my “go-to’s”. I bought them to fill a candy jar at work and at home and I’ve maybe eaten 25 pieces total. It was enough for me to enjoy my memory of loving the candy and also to make VERY HAPPY coworkers!

Is the Chewy Spree candy Willy Wonka real?

Authentic Chewy Sprees. Yum! These are authentic Chewy Sprees. Set a bag or jar of these in front of me and I won’t be able to resist! Flavorful and fresh. The chewyness is somehow very satisfying! Great product. Horrible these are not what they say they are they are not Willy Wonka are some off crap brand. False advertisement is against the law.

Why was my First Choice Candy Chewy Spree broken?

But due to the dust on the packaging, there had to be dust on the candy inside the broken bag. The plastic on the bag was medium thick, and the seam was strong, meaning that this tear should not have been possible if treated as proper merchandise.

How big is a bag of Spree candy?

Looks like someone scooped some Spree into a bag and tied a knot in it. No label, no stats, no weight, etc. Many of them are broken or chipped but they SEEM to be authentic Spree, but who knows. I have ordered this product multiple times without any issues, however I ordered it again last week and received the inner package already opened.