What is the pH of a 10-8 M aqueous solution of HCl?

What is the pH of a 10-8 M aqueous solution of HCl?

So, the final pH value is 6.98.

What is the pH of a 10 10 M solution of HCl?

pH of Solution with Very Dilute Acid In this problem, a 10 – 10 M solution of HCl contributes 10 – 10 M [H +]. The ionization of water contributes 10 – 7 M [H +]. The effective [H +] of this solution is 10 – 7 M and the pH=7.

How do you find the pH of 0.020 M HCl?

For example: What is the pH of a 0.020 M HCl solution? Answer: HCl is a strong acid, it dissociates 100% (I.e. completely): [HCl]F = 0.020 M = [H3O+] So, pH = – log [H3O+] = -log [HCl]F = -log(. 020)=1.70 Voila!

What is the pH value of 10 ⁻ ³ M HCl solution?

It is a salt of a strong acid and a strong base. So its pH=7. So at a Concentration of 10^-3 or 0.001 M, the pH=7. For 10^-3M HCl the [H+] concentration is 0.001, so its pH= 3 .

What is the pH of 10 2 M HCl?

Solution : pH of 10-2 M NaOH solution = 12. pH of 10-2 M HCl = 2.

What is the pH of 1×10 9 M HCl?

The pH of the solution is 6.998.

What is the pH of .02 m of HCl?

Since HCl is a strong acid it completely dissociates. Therefore all the H+ protonates water molecules to give H3O+. Its concentration here is high enough to ignore H3O+ contribution from water so the pH is just -log(0.02) = 1.7.

What is the pH of 0.0002 M HCl?

PH=1/2(1.25+4.27 ) =2.76.

What is the pH of a 10 7 M HCl solution?

The pH of a 1.0 X 10^-7 M HCl aqueous solution is 6.79, and not 7.00 as you might expect with a simple pH = -log[H3O+] calculation.

What is the pH of 10 2 M HCl solution?

It has therefore, came to be accepted that pH =-log10+,i. e., pH of 102 M HCl cannot be calculated and it practically lies near to zero.

What is the pH of 10 2?

Acids, bases, pH

pH [H+] decimal form [OH-] scientific notation
10 0.0000000001 1 x 10-4
11 0.00000000001 1 x 10-3
12 0.000000000001 1 x 10-2
13 0.0000000000001 1 x 10-1

How to calculate the pH of 10 ^ 8 M HCl?

Since the concentrations of hydronium and hydroxide ions are equal for pure water, you will have Now, let’s assume that you’re working with a 1.0-L solution of pure water and you add some 10−8M hydrochloric acid solution. To keep calculations simple, let’s assume that the volume remains unchanged upon adding this hydrochloric acid solution.

How big is a 10.0 ml HCl solution?

What volume of a concentrated HCl solution, which is 36.0% HCl by mass and has a density of 1.179 g/mL, should be used to make 4.60 L of an HCl solution with a of 1.9? HELP!!! A 10.0 mL solution of 0.300 M NH3 is titrated with a 0.100 M HCl solution.

How to calculate the pH of aqueous solution?

Derive the hydrogen and hydroxyl ion concentration in aqueous solutions of acids and bases. Discuss the titration of strong acid and strong base. Discuss the concentration of H + ions for weak acids. Calculate the pH of the 0.561 g of KOH dissolved in 200 mL of solution.

Can a solution have a pH greater than 7?

But this is not correct because an acidic solution cannot have pH greater than 7. It may be noted that in very dilute acidic solution, when H + concentrations from acid and water are comparable, the concentration of H + from water cannot be neglected.