Is epost being discontinued?

Is epost being discontinued?

Your epost account and subscriptions will be closed in December 2022. You will no longer have access to the bills and statements in your epost Inbox. Some banks and credit unions will withdraw from the epost service before December 2022.

How does Canada Post epost work?

The epost Connect™ service is a digital delivery platform with bank-grade encryption that facilitates sending and receiving confidential messages and documents with one or multiple recipients.

What is epost mail from epost service?

epost Mailers include national credit card companies, retailers, utility companies, telecom and cable companies and payroll companies. By subscribing to receive a bill from a Mailer, you are electing to have a new paperless electronic version of your bill delivered to your epost Mailbox.

What is epost Canada Post?

Manage your mail. Get bills and statements online (epost)

Who uses Epost?

Millions of Canadians use epost to receive, store and manage their important documents in a single place. epost uses 128-bit encryption technology to protect your employees’ and customers’ data and privacy.

How do I cancel my epost?

Log in to AccèsD. Click on the Profile and preferences icon in theright-hand menu and then on Cancel epost service under epost service.

How do I send documents via epost?

Once in your epost Connect Inbox (which is now connected with the IRB), please follow the steps below:

  1. Click on the name of the conversation to open the secure conversation.
  2. Click on the envelope to view the contents of the unread message.
  3. To send documents to the IRB, click on the “Post Message” button.

How secure is epost?

Your information is safe and secure We use advanced encryption technology to keep your epost account safe. This means bank-level security for your information, and you receive only the mail you sign up for. The Electronic Postmark feature lets you know that your document hasn’t been altered during electronic delivery.

How do I cancel Canada Post epost?

To stop getting unaddressed advertising, simply put a note on your mailbox stating that you do not wish to receive Canada Post Neighbourhood Mail™. Place the note in or on your mailbox, or on the inside lip of your community mailbox, group mailbox or postal box.

How do I cancel Epost Canada?

Where do I sign in for Canada Post?

Simply go to and sign in with your existing epost credentials. All your current epost documents like bills, pay stubs and financial statements, along with the mailers you subscribed to, will be there. There’s a tour option to get you familiar with the new epost site.

Why does Canada Post open one hour later?

In many post offices operated by Canada Post, we have reduced hours of service, opening one hour later and closing one hour earlier to clean, restock and provide some relief to employees. As well, for the first hour of each day, we offer priority service to those whom are at a higher risk (the elderly or people with compromised immune systems).

How to print a document from within ePost?

To print a document from within epost, just select Print. You may also need to enable your browser’s print background settings. Need help? Need help?

How does mail forwarding work for Canada Post?

Mail Forwarding directs mail to a new address. For businesses operating from a new or temporary location, this service means mail delivery continues uninterrupted. Mail Forwarding is available free to businesses who sign up online at