What is ffx2 last mission?

What is ffx2 last mission?

So, what is Last Mission? The Last Mission is essentially an invitation given to Yuna, Rikku, and Paine three months after the plot of FFX-2, used moreso as a way of concluding the X-2 plot once and for all; throughout the tower, with every few floors, you’ll see cutscenes elaborating on this fact.

What’s the difference between ffx2 and FFX-2 last mission?

Unlike the International version of Final Fantasy X-2, where the girls’ Last Mission dialogue differs depending on the player’s completion percentage of the main game, the HD Remaster dialogue is the same regardless of the player’s main game completion percentage.

How long is x2 last mission?


Single-Player Polled Average
Main Story 2 12h 15m
Main + Extras 3 18h 25m
Completionists 2 26h 34m
All PlayStyles 7 18h 59m

How do you get the good ending in FFX-2?

All you have to do there is visit the location where Tidus taught Yuna how to whistle. Next, get an Episode Complete in Besaid. Finally, once you have beat the game, keep tapping the X button to get the ending.

Is Ffx 2 last mission good?

“X” and “X-2” were excellent, but “Last Mission” was more punishing. It has a distinct concept, to its credit. “Last Mission” feels like a cross between a board game and a war game where you move your character over panels in a tower to collect items, discover traps, access elevators and fight off enemies.

Does Tidus come back Ffx-2?

Final Fantasy X-2 Tidus reunites with Yuna. If at the end of her journey Yuna tells the fayth she wants to see Tidus again, he is revived by the fayth.

Why did Yuna break up with Tidus?

Yuna doesn’t like Tidus’ new happy-go-lucky attitude and they fight. Tidus gets mad and kicks a blitzball that turned out to be a bomb and he dies. After Yuna gets him back from the Farplane, she sort of breaks up with him because she claims she doesn’t know him anymore.

Did Tidus and Yuna?

Tidus and Yuna continued their relationship and lived together in Besaid for a while. However, Yuna eventually found Tidus to be “too different” from before and they broke up within a year. Tidus then moved to Bevelle and started to play Blitzball again.

Where can you find the Zanarkand in Final Fantasy?

1 Dissidia Final Fantasy. One of the rooms from the Online Lobby is named Zanarkand. 2 Pictlogica Final Fantasy. Zanarkand Ruins. 3 Theatrhythm Final Fantasy. 4 Final Fantasy Airborne Brigade. 5 Final Fantasy All the Bravest. 6 Final Fantasy Record Keeper.

What happens at the end of the Zanarkand dome?

Upon entering the Zanarkand Dome and completing the Cloister of Trials, one last challenge awaits the travelers: the Spectral Keeper. When the monster has been defeated Lady Yunalesca welcomes the summoner and the guardians and bestows upon them the Final Aeon, albeit at a heavy price.

Where is the lift in Zanarkand Chapter 1?

There’s actually not much here, so simply go up the stairs to what used to be a Cloister of Trials. It’s a lot easier to solve this time, though! Simply walk through the door to the northwest to the second part of the cloister, then approach the lift in the center of the area.

What happens to Yunalesca after the Final Summoning?

Sin was defeated, Yunalesca died, and Yu Yevon’s spirit possessed Zaon’s aeon and made him into the new Sin. Yunalesca stays in Zanarkand as an unsent to pass on the wisdom of the Final Summoning, the only means of “defeating” Sin. Zanarkand’s ruins, 1,000 years after its destruction.