What does superfluity mean in English?

What does superfluity mean in English?

1a : excess, oversupply. b : something unnecessary or superfluous.

What is an example of a superfluity?

Word forms: plural superfluities. countable noun. If there is a superfluity of something, there is more of it than is needed. [formal] The city has a superfluity of five-star hotels. [

What does superb Euless mean?

su·​per·​flu·​ous | \ su̇-ˈpər-flü-əs \ Essential Meaning of superfluous. formal : beyond what is needed : not necessary a superfluous word/detail Further discussion seemed superfluous.

What does the word sparsely?

: of few and scattered elements especially : not thickly grown or settled.

What does Variableness mean?

Definitions of variableness. the quality of being subject to variation. synonyms: variability, variance. Antonyms: invariability, invariableness, invariance. the quality of being resistant to variation.

What is a overabundance mean?

: a large surplus : excess an overabundance of options Between the women’s movement and the first large wave of baby boomers, the career track was suddenly clogged with an overabundance of qualified people.—

Is superb better than excellent?

As adjectives the difference between superb and excellent is that superb is first-rate; of the highest quality; exceptionally good while excellent is of the highest quality; splendid.

What does Supeb mean?

adjective. admirably fine or excellent; extremely good: a superb performance. sumptuous; rich; grand: superb jewels. of a proudly imposing appearance or kind; majestic: superb mountain vistas.

What is the origin of sparse?

From the Latin sparsus, meaning “scattered,” we get the adjective sparse, which means “few and scattered.” Thinning hair is sparse, as is the population of an endangered species. Or a small and scattered crowd for an unpopular band.

What does the term densely populated mean?

with a lot of things close together: England was once a densely wooded country (= a lot of trees grew close together there). Mexico City is one of the most densely populated cities in the world (= a lot of people live close together there).

Is filthy a bad word?

filthy Add to list Share. Filthy is a dirty word. Sure, you can say it aloud in public, but it means “dirty” — like your dirty laundry pile by the end of the week. The joy of filthy really lies in the limitless range of its usage.

What is the meaning of the word superfluity?

su·per·flu·i·ty. noun. pl. -·ties. the state or quality of being superfluous. a quantity or number beyond what is needed; excess; superabundance.

Where does the word superfluous come from in English?

If you think that superfluous must mean “extra ‘fluous,'” along the pattern of such words as superabsorbent and superabundant, you’re not far off. Superfluous comes from the Latin adjective superfluus, meaning literally “running over” or “overflowing.”.

When did the meaning of communication come about?

Meaning “that which is communicated” is from late 15c.; meaning “means of communication” is from 1715. Related: Communications; communicational.

What does Anthony Lane mean by superfluity?

— Anthony Lane, The New Yorker, 8 Nov. 2019 Under low light, these faded, wispy clippings from the cutting-room floor suggest a superfluity of ideas that might have supplied a lifetime of inspiration to other artists.