What is a majuscule meaning?

What is a majuscule meaning?

: a large letter (such as a capital)

What is a majuscule in Google?

A majuscule is simply the capital or uppercase letter of a word. With roughly 3.5 billion Google searches each day, it’s not unlikely that the average person might see the Google logo anywhere from one to 30 times each day.

What is a majuscule and minuscule?

Majuscule, in calligraphy, capital, uppercase, or large letter in most alphabets, in contrast to the minuscule, lowercase, or small letter. The Latin, or Roman, alphabet uses both majuscule and minuscule letters.

What is an antonym of majuscule?

The term majuscule was originally used in the 18th century for an uppercase letter, from the Latin maiusculus, “somewhat larger,” a close relative of major. Its antonym, minuscule, is much more commonly used today.

What is Cognoscente mean?

: a person who has expert knowledge in a subject : connoisseur a computer cognoscente a cognoscente of the art world.

When was small letter invented?

When the printing press came along in the 1400s, type designers based their lowercase letters on Carolingian minuscule. The wooden cases where letters were stored for printing had different compartments by type. Lowercase and uppercase letters were stored in separate type cases, hence the names.

What does the word Uncial mean?

1 : a handwriting used especially in Greek and Latin manuscripts of the fourth to the eighth centuries a.d. and made with somewhat rounded separated majuscules but having cursive forms for some letters. 2 : an uncial letter. 3 : a manuscript written in uncial.

What do you call upper and lowercase?

Letter case is the distinction between the letters that are in larger uppercase or capitals (or more formally majuscule) and smaller lowercase (or more formally minuscule) in the written representation of certain languages.

How do you use cognoscente in a sentence?

In the rarified air of the college rock cognoscente, this band falls behind perhaps only a few of the best indie bands in swooning acclaim. I now find myself joining the cognoscente in the discussion of issues related to the digital delivery of art, especially music, movies and books.

How do you use cognoscenti in a sentence?

1. She has an international reputation among film cognoscenti. 2. Not being one of the cognoscenti, I failed to understand the ballet’s subtler points.

Who invented capital letters?

Capital letters in Modern English derive from an Old Roman script used in the a.d. 200s. In those days, all caps was all there was! Lowercase letters hadn’t been invented yet, so capital letters were used for everything.

What are all the letters in a majuscule script?

Majuscule, in calligraphy, capital, uppercase, or large letter in most alphabets, in contrast to miniscule, lowercase, or small letter. All the letters in a majuscule script are contained between a single pair of (real or theoretical) horizontal lines.

How did the word majuscule come to be?

Majuscule looks like the complement to “minuscule,” and the resemblance is no coincidence. “Minuscule” appeared in the early 18th century as a word for a lowercase letter, then later as the word for certain ancient and medieval writing styles which had “small forms.”.

What does the letter V mean in majuscule?

‘The majuscule letter V symbolizes a daughter of the Mother Goddess or the Mother Goddess as a virgin.’ ‘It was an angular majuscule script, often written without breaks between words or with words separated by dots.’ ‘A capital ‘I’ as exampled at line-initial position and with obvious intention to produce a majuscule form.’

What is the difference between majuscule and uppercase?

majuscule – of or relating to a style of writing characterized by somewhat rounded capital letters; 4th to 8th centuries. uppercase – relating to capital letters which were kept in the top half of a compositor’s type case; “uppercase letters; X and Y and Z etc”.