Is Skepta related to Jme?

Is Skepta related to Jme?

Jamie Adenuga (born 4 May 1985), known professionally as Jme, is a British grime MC, songwriter, record producer and DJ who was born in Hackney, and raised in Tottenham. He was previously part of the grime collective Meridian Crew and later Roll Deep alongside his older brother, Skepta.

Are Skepta and Jme half brothers?

Is JME Skepta’s brother? Skepta and JME, also known as Jamie Adenuga, are brothers, with the latter three years older than his sibling. They also have a brother called Jason, who produced three songs on Skepta’s album Konnichiwa, and a sister called Julie, who is a radio personality.

Is Julie Adenuga Skepta sister?

Adenuga is the younger sister of Jme and Skepta, who are both London-based Grime artists and record producers, as well as co-founders of the Boy Better Know record label. She also has a younger brother: Jason Adenuga, an animator.

Who is Skepta father?

Joseph Adenuga

Is skepta an Igbo?

Joseph Junior Adenuga was born to Nigerian parents, of respective Yoruba (paternal) and Igbo (maternal) backgrounds, on 19 September 1982, in Tottenham, North London He is the eldest of four children; fellow musician Jme, radio presenter Julie and graphic designer Jason.

What team does JME support?

Bugzy Malone. Bugzy Malone announced himself as a Manchester City fan after launching the Cityzens PUMA partnership back in July.

Are skepta and Adele dating?

She’s like the lady of Tottenham.” Both are from Tottenham and both have a child to other partners. Despite the dating rumors over the years, it was confirmed in September of 2021 that the two singers aren’t dating. Adele is currently in a relationship with NBA sports agent Rich Paul.

What is skepta real name?

Joseph Junior Adenuga
Skepta/Full name

Joseph Junior Adenuga (born 19 September 1982), known professionally as Skepta, is a British grime MC, rapper, songwriter and record producer. Skepta, alongside his younger brother Jme, briefly joined Roll Deep before becoming founding members of Boy Better Know in 2005.

Does JME have a sister?

Julie Adenuga

Is skepta dating Adele?

Who are the siblings of Skepta and JME?

Photograph: Jake Green/The Guardian S kepta, JME, Julie and Jason – the four Adenuga siblings – are laughing as they remember building a go-kart as kids, raiding the factory next door for crates and pallets, their father’s toolbox for screwdrivers and bolts, wheels from a discarded pushchair, and making steering mechanisms from string.

Who are the children of Skepta and Julie Adenuga?

All of her children – Joseph Junior (aka Skepta ), Jamie ( JME ), Julie (Former Beats 1 DJ and NME Awards 2020 co-host) and Jason (producer and graphic designer) – turned out to be creative juggernauts.

How many times has Skepta won the Mercury Prize?

They have played huge stages at Glastonbury and Wireless, while Skepta has won the Mercury prize, scored three Top 3 albums, launched his own fashion brand and been the subject of tabloid dating gossip from Naomi Campbell to – once again this week – fellow Tottenham star Adele. Ify and Joseph Sr on their wedding day in 1983. Photograph: PR

Where was Ify from Skepta born and raised?

Born in Lagos, her life was uprooted by the Nigerian civil war, which ravaged the country in the mid-1960s, forcing her family to flee – with young Ify fearing her father would be killed at each checkpoint.