What do you do with old propane tanks in Ontario?

What do you do with old propane tanks in Ontario?

In Ontario, propane cylinders can be disposed of at municipal transfer facilities, provincial parks (non-refillable cylinders) and regular collection events. To find a location near you or for more information, please visit Orange Drop at www.makethedrop.ca.

How much does an empty 500 gallon propane tank cost?

It is common for only 70% to 80% of a tank to be filled at once. It is also rare for the tank to be completely empty before being refilled. So, a 100-gallon propane tank may cost between $69 and $140 to refill. A 500-gallon tank may cost between $800 and $900 to refill.

Does Lowes accept empty propane tanks?

If you’re in need of a new tank, then bring your old tanks to a hardware store like Home Depot or Lowe’s, which usually offer a tank exchange like Blue Rhino. There, you’ll be able to exchange your tank for a new one.

Where can I buy a propane tank in Ontario?

Located in Lansdowne, can deliver to Brockville, Gananoque or Kingston. OB PROPANE GAS FIRE PIT TABLE 59242.00-50K 391350436 ORREN ELLIS BELLE STONE DARK GREY W/ TANK COVER BACKYARD POOLSID…

Are there any refurbished propane tanks for sale?

Call 231-362-8265 and we can schedule. Several reasons but the main reason is simply lower cost. Refurbished tanks cost much less than new tanks.

How much does a propane BBQ tank cost?

– Buy, Sell & Save with Canada’s #1 Local Classifieds. Used weber genesis II bbq for sale. Cleaned up and ready to go. $300 or $330 with almost full propane tank. Propane hot water tank used for outdoor showers has been stored inside .

Can you rent a propane tank at Bryans?

At Bryan’s Fuel, we offer two different options for supplying propane tanks for your home or business. Our propane tanks can either be rented annually by the customer or purchased outright by the customer. Please note that propane tanks for seasonal use are purchased only.