What are the parts of an extension ladder?

What are the parts of an extension ladder?

The basic parts of an extension ladder include:

  • Rails.
  • Rungs.
  • Base Section.
  • Fly Section.
  • Rung Locks.
  • Rope and Pulley.
  • Stop.

Why is there a rope on an extension ladder?

Typically, the ladder is operated by a rope which is fastened to the bottom of the extending part of the ladder. The rope runs through a pulley at the top of the stationary part and back down to ground level for the operator to grasp. This, in turn, makes it difficult to control the ladder and compromises safety.

Which way does an extension ladder face?

A simple rule for setting-up the ladder at the proper angle is to place the base a distance from the wall or upper support equal to one-quarter of the extended length of the ladder side rails. When ascending or descending the ladder, always face the ladder and maintain a firm hand hold.

What’s the bottom of a ladder called?

Sections: Bottom or base section – The lowest section of a non-self-supporting portable ladder. Top or fly section – The uppermost section of a non-self-supporting portable ladder.

What are the sides of the ladder called?

The vertical members of a rigid ladder are called stringers or rails (US) or stiles (UK).

Can an extension ladder be separated?

To reiterate – you should NEVER take your extension ladders apart. ALWAYS use your ladder in the way it was intended or seek an appropriate alternative!

How do you fix a wobbly ladder?

But often you can return a loose ladder to rock-solid status by tightening its metal braces. Locate the hex nuts on the outside of the ladder rails; there should be one at each rung. Tighten the nuts with a wrench, then check to see if the ladder is more stable. If it’s still a little wobbly, tighten the nuts again.

What is the rope and pulley for on a ladder?

Rope pulley systems are labor saving devices on extension ladders. A pulley attached to the top run of the non-operating half of the extension ladder assists with raising and lowering the operating half of the extension ladder.

What is the lower section of an extension ladder called?

Bottom section of an extension ladder. Heel; Lowest end of the ladder.

Which is the main part of an extension ladder?

BED- The main section of an extension ladder from which the fly is extended. BEAM- The principle structural member of the ladder where the rungs are secured. Beams may be solid or trussed. BUTT- The bottom end of the ladder opposite the tip.

How to diagram the parts of a ladder?

2 diagrams showing the parts of a ladder. One diagram shows the parts of a step ladder and the other shows the parts of an extension ladder. When I learned that readers wanted to know about the parts of a Indalex Ladder, I was a bit confused as to why someone would want to know this.

How big are the rungs on an extension ladder?

Ladder rungs are in a horizontal position attached to the side rails and are normally 12 inches apart. Pulleys. Every aluminum or fiberglass extension ladder is usually either a 20-footer or 40-footer with two sections attached to each other.

Is it OK to set up an extension ladder upside down?

The user must avoid setting-up an Extension Ladder upside-down. That is, with the Fly Section at the bottom and the Base Section at the top with the Rung Locks engaged.