What channel is Axeman on?

What channel is Axeman on?

Ax Men
Original network History
Original release March 9, 2008 – September 12, 2019
Related shows The Legend of Shelby the Swamp Man The Return of Shelby the Swamp Man

What happened to Jimmy Smith of S&S Logging?

Jimmy Smith, of S&S Aqua Logging, died of cancer at 56 years old in 2012.

What happened to Gabe Rygaard from Axemen?

Gabe Rygaard’s death was a shock to everyone. The fan-favorite reality star sadly passed away on September 16, 2017 after colliding with another vehicle. The 45-year-old was driving down Highway 101 in his hometown of Port Angeles, when he lost control of his vehicle.

Is AXE men still airing?

The following is a list of episodes of the American reality television series, Ax Men, seen on the History channel. The show ended production in 2016 after nine seasons, but returned for a tenth in July 2019. As of September 12, 2019, 166 episodes of Ax Men have aired.

Is AXE men coming back on TV?

Official Renewal Status: As of October 4th, 2021, has yet to cancel or renew Ax Men for Season 11.

Is Ax Men real or scripted?

While many of the show’s stars haven’t outright denounced the show as being fake, some of the families of the auxiliary crew members have stated that the producers clearly had no problem turning the show’s extras and small-time workers into whatever characters they happened to need.

What is River logging?

River logging was primarily a winter business. Only when the swampy ground had frozen over and ice covered the roads could logs be handled with minimum expense. The crew went into the woods in September and established a camp at a spot convenient to the area marked for logging.

Why did Swamp Loggers get Cancelled?

Our local swamp loggers completed their last season with the reality show. The company did not sign for more episodes because they were asked to do more than just cut trees. “They wanted us to start having more fighting, more drama and I’m not willing to do that,” said Bobby.

Is Shelby Stanga real?

The legend Shelby Stanga is a reality tv star and a presenter who never ceases to amaze his fans. Also known as ‘The Swamp Man,’ he claims he learned things from nature and calls swamps and forests his home.

How did Gabe died?

TikTok influencer Gabriel Salazar, who has 1.8 million followers on the app, has died following a car accident on Sunday, according to local authorities. On his latest TikTok, several influencers mourned Salazar, with fellow creator Desiree Montoya commenting “Rip gabe.”

When did Ax Men last air on History Channel?

He did not advance after the primary election held August 2. Rygaard, who operated Rygaard Logging Inc. and Ryfield Properties, Inc. appeared on History Channel’s reality show “Ax Men,” which was recently canceled and last aired in March 2016.

Where does Ax Men Air in the UK?

Ax Men aired in the United Kingdom on the local variant of the History channel, then later aired on the terrestrial Channel 5, where the title was changed to Axe Men. The latest season has returned to History.

Who was the actor that died on Ax Men?

‘Ax Men’ star Gabe Rygaard dies in three-car crash — he’s the third cast member to perish in four years. “Ax Men” star Gabe Rygaard, 45, passed away in a three-car wreck west of Port Angeles, Wash., on September 16, Peninsula Daily News reports.

Who are the cast members of Ax Men?

Ax-Men is back with a new season featuring fan-favorite crews and several new logging companies. Facing an industry in flux, loggers across America are putting everything they have on the line to pull through and keep their businesses afloat. In the Pacific Northwest, two titans return to the mountain: Craig Rygaard and Mike Pihl.