Was Lil Wayne engaged to Nivea?

Was Lil Wayne engaged to Nivea?

Nivea and Lil had an on again and off again relationship, which began in 2002. They first got engaged in 2002. However, the rapper went on to call off the engagement in 2003.

Is Nivea Lil Wayne’s Baby Momma?

Lil Wayne’s sons Dwayne Michael Carter III and Neal Carter. Lil Wayne’s baby mothers Antonia Wright, Lauren London and Nivea.

What happened with Nivea and Lil Wayne?

She revealed that she escaped a paedophile manager who engaged in a sexual relationship with her for years when she was a teen while he was in his 40’s and how it affected her. She says after leaving that situation she got into a relationship with Lil Wayne, who convinced her to quit music as he would take care of her.

Was Nivea in a group?

Nash) (born March 24, 1982), better known by the mononym Nivea, is an American singer whose recordings reached the Billboard charts during the early 2000s….Nivea (singer)

Genres R&B hip hop
Instruments Vocals
Labels Jive Zomba Arista Formula One On One Cash Money
Associated acts Mystikal Lil Wayne Rasheeda The-Dream Jagged Edge

Who does Nivea have a baby with?

Nivea and Lil Wayne share one son, Neal Carter, and she elaborated on how it all came to be.

How old is Nivea?

39 years (March 24, 1982)

How old is Nivea singer?

Is the relationship between Nivea and Lil Wayne good?

While Lil’ Wayne and Nivea’s relationship didn’t work out, it is apparent that Lil’ Wayne is a good father, even though some would argue that he may not be the greatest boyfriend. However, with the exception of Toya, none of the women that Wayne has children with have become Mrs. Carter.

When did Nivea and the dream break up?

After ending her relationship with The Dream, Nivea reconciled with her “first love,” Lil’ Wayne, in 2007. So committed to Wayne, she even remained with him upon learning that he had a child with his ex, Sarah Vivan, in October 2008. By 2009, Nivea also learned that another woman was in Lil Wayne’s life.

When did Nivea London give birth to her son?

Wayne confirmed in October 2009 that he and Nivea were expecting a son. On November 30, 2009, the songstress gave birth to Neal Carter. Déjà vu…Wayne and Nivea broke their engagement for the second time in June 2010. London dated Wayne on and off for years.