Is the Independence class stealth?

Is the Independence class stealth?

The Independence class is the second class (the first class was the Freedom class) of an entirely new type of ship—the Littoral Combat Ship (LCS). These ships are small, agile, stealthy, and speedy surface vessels optimized for littoral operations (operations close to shore) against small craft.

Which is better freedom or independence?

The Independence Class is longer than the Freedom Class LCS at 419.6 feet (127.6 m) vs. 378.3 feet (115.3 m). The Freedom Class is the fastest LCS variant at 47 knots (54 mph/87 km/h) vs. 44 knots (51 mph/81 km/h) for the Independence Class.

What does the Navy do with retired ships?

The ships that have been stricken from the NVR are disposed of by one of several means, including foreign military sale transfer, ship donation as a museum or memorial, domestic dismantling and recycling, artificial reefing, or use as a target vessel.

How many Littoral Combat Ships does US Navy have?

As of December 2019, a total of 35 littoral combat ships are planned, including 16 Freedom-class ships and 19 Independence-class ships. Ships are assigned to either Littoral Combat Ship Squadron One, based in San Diego Ca., or Littoral Combat Ship Squadron Two, based in Mayport, Florida.

Why are there aluminum warships?

A hull structure made of aluminum built to the same standards has a weight that is between 35% and 45% less than a steel hull structure. This means that a well-designed aluminum boat can be lighter in weight but stronger than other counterparts such as fiber-reinforced plastic (FRP) or stainless steel.

Where is the CV 62 now?

– formerly CVA 62 – – decommissioned – USS INDEPENDENCE was last homeported in Yokosuka, Japan, and is now laid-up at the Naval Inactive Ship Maintenance Facility at Bremerton, Wash.

Who builds LCS freedom?

In December 2019, Lockheed Martin with Fincantieri Marinette Marine was awarded a $1.96 billion contract to provide detailed design and construction and the contract-related work is expected to be completed by June 2026.

Is freedom same as independence?

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What was the original cost of the USS Independence?

The total projected cost for the ship is $704 million. The Navy had originally projected the cost at $220 million. Independence began builder’s trials in July 2009, three days behind schedule because of maintenance issues.

How big is the USS Independence Littoral Combat Ship?

The ships are 127.4 m (418 ft) long, with a beam of 31.6 m (104 ft), and a draft of 13 ft (3.96 m). Their displacement is rated at 2,176 tons light, 2,784 tons full, and 608 tons deadweight. The standard ship’s company is 40, although this can increase depending on the ship’s role with mission-specific personnel.

When is the USS Independence going to decommission?

The Navy will decommission the service’s first two Littoral Combat Ships later this year, USNI News has learned. USS Independence (LCS-2) will decommission on July 31, Navy spokeswoman Cmdr. Nicole Schwegman confirmed to USNI News.

How many Independence class ships are there in the Navy?

Despite initial plans to only build ships of the winner out of the two competing Independence or Freedom classes, in 2010 the Navy announced plans to order up to ten additional ships of each class, for a total 12 ships per class.