How many episodes are there in The Lying Game Season 2?

How many episodes are there in The Lying Game Season 2?

The Lying Game Season 2/Number of episodes

Who killed Teresa in the lying game?

Derek’s Killer is a anonymous character that killed Derek Rogers and Theresa Lopez, and may possibly know about Emma and Sutton.

Why was twisted Cancelled?

The network decided to cancel “Twisted” after only one season following poor ratings. A passionate cult fan base and a rabid twitter following were not enough to save the doomed series.

Who is Derek’s killer?

You may be looking for Derek’s Killer ….Sutton’s Killer (Book Character)

Sutton’s Killer Real Identity: Ethan Landry
Secret(s): Killed Sutton, Knows there are identical twins, Identity, Ran Thayer over with Sutton’s car, Knew Thayer was secretly seeing Sutton Possibly has Sutton’s body and the weapon he/she used on her, Killed Nisha
Status: Alive

When does the Lying Game Season 2 start?

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia The second and final season of The Lying Game, based on the book series of the same name by Sara Shepard, premiered on January 8 and concluded on March 12, 2013 on ABC Family. As the twins’ saga continues in season two, there are more surprises, secrets and lies.

Who was killed in the Lying Game finale?

The hour also answered several burning questions — some two seasons in the making — including who killed Teresa (and Derek?), which guy Emma would choose and what Alec has really been hiding all this time. Here’s what went down in what was hopefully not the series finale of the addictive ABC Family drama:

Who are the cast members of the Lying Game?

Recurring cast Adrian Pasdar as Alec Rybak Tyler Christopher as Dan Whitehorse Christian Alexander as Thayer Rybak Ryan Rottman as Jordan Lyle Yara Martinez as Theresa Lopez

Who is getting hitched on the Lying Game?

RELATED | May Sweeps Scorecard: Who’s Dying, Who’s Getting Hitched, Who’s Breaking Up and More! As Dan mourns the loss of his bride-to-be Teresa, Alec finally sees fit to fill him in on the secret that is Emma and Sutton’s twin-dom.