Did Val Kilmer win an Oscar for Doc Holliday?

Did Val Kilmer win an Oscar for Doc Holliday?

The Oscars tend to get it wrong way more than they get it right, and we’re here today to talk about a long-standing issue I’ve had with the damn awards—mainly that Val Kilmer didn’t get nominated, let alone win, for his performance as Doc Holiday in Tombstone, one of the greatest movies of all time.

Was Val Kilmer ever nominated for an Oscar?

Grammy Award for Best Spoken Word Album
MTV Movie Award for Best Male PerformanceMTV Movie Award for Most Desirable MaleSatellite Award for Best Supporting Actor – Comedy or MusicalCableAce Award for Actor in a Miniseries or Movie
Val Kilmer/Nominations

Did Val Kilmer get any awards for Tombstone?

Although Val Kilmer’s performance as Doc Holliday was praised, he did not get an Oscar nomination for Best Supporting Actor. But he did however get nominated for Best Male Performance and Most Desirable Male at the MTV Movie Awards.

Who was the best actor in Tombstone?

Though many actors have solid performances within it, Val Kilmer’s Doc Holliday is a standout role. 1993’s Tombstone is a top-notch Western, and Val Kilmer’s performance as real-life gunslinger Doc Holliday is a vital part of what makes it so good.

When was Virgil Earp shot?

They shot him in the back, hitting him with three shotgun rounds, shattering his left arm and leaving him permanently maimed. The Cowboys suspected were let off for lack of evidence. His brother Morgan Earp was assassinated in March 1882….

Virgil Earp
Resting place Portland, Oregon
Nationality American

Was there a real gunfighter named Ringo?

John Peters Ringo (May 3, 1850 – July 13, 1882), known as Johnny Ringo, was an American Old West outlaw loosely associated with the Cochise County Cowboys in frontier boomtown Tombstone, Arizona Territory….

Johnny Ringo
Other names Johnny Ringo, Johnny Ringgold
Occupation Outlaw
Years active 1875–1882

What did Val Kilmer say to Doc Holliday?

Kilmer showed the story of Doc Holliday with such subtle movements of every muscle in his face and every tone in a wide octave of vocal sounds as he declared, Among other things, “I’m your Huckleberry”, And entreated, “Wyatt, Live your life”, And informed, “Because Wyatt is my friend”.

Why did Val Kilmer deserve an Oscar nomination?

The first in this series is The Case For: Why Val Kilmer Deserved a Best Supporting Oscar Nomination for the film Tombstone. The 1993 Western was a commercial success with critical praise as well yet received ZERO award nominations.

What was Val Kilmer’s role in the doors?

But I digress. This is about Val Kilmer. Sure most people might think of him as Iceman from Top Gun (above) right away or look at his performance as Jim Morrison in The Doors as proof of his leading man potential, but it’s his Doc Holliday in Tombstone that is the most legendary. Ask anyone who’s seen Tombstone and it’s Doc they will quote first.

What was Val Kilmer’s best performance in Tombstone?

Val Kilmer’s performance in Tombstone is up there. If you know that movie, when you think of that movie, you think of his Doc Holliday as much, if not more, than Kurt Russell’s Wyatt Earp. You certainly quote Doc more. In vino veritas.