How do you comment on a DP picture?

How do you comment on a DP picture?

Below are some of the fantastic comments for pics on FB to help you out.

  1. Your charm is irresistible.
  2. You look strong and confident.
  3. That is a perfect gentleman picture.
  4. That is a killer picture.
  5. This pic is lit and impressive.
  6. You are looking like a Rockstar.
  7. You are looking damn handsome brother!
  8. Always smart.

How do you compliment a nice picture?

How do you comment cute?

  1. Your true colors are beautiful.
  2. You’ve got a beautiful heart.
  3. Inside out; you are beautiful.
  4. You take my breath away.
  5. I love how expressive your eyes are.
  6. Your beauty is one of the things I like about you.
  7. Honestly, you are beautiful.
  8. You’re helping us sound lovely.

How can I reply to WhatsAPP DP?

Android. Tap and hold the message, then tap Reply . Enter your response and tap Send . Alternatively, swipe right on the message to reply.

How do you compliment selfies?

Praise her with a compliment for her picture.

  1. You are so good with makeup.
  2. Girl, if you don’t stop showing off, we all know you’re attractive.
  3. What an abundance of beauty you are.
  4. You are always glowing.
  5. God was showing off when he created you.
  6. You are one of the best-looking girls I have ever laid my eyes on.

How do you write a girl on Instagram?

How to Start a Conversation with a Girl on Instagram: 10+ Tips to Get Her Chatting

  1. Comment on her pictures.
  2. Reply to her story.
  3. Introduce yourself.
  4. Reference your mutual followers.
  5. Send her a meme.
  6. Talk about something from her page.
  7. Pick up an in-person conversation.
  8. Send a flirty selfie.

What should I ask a girl on Instagram?

100+ Good Questions to Ask a Girl

  • What’s the craziest or most out-of-character thing you’ve ever done?
  • What’s your favorite thing about this city?
  • What is your biggest “pet peeve”?
  • If you could relive one day from the past, which would it be and why?
  • If you could have any talent in the world, what would it be?

What’s the best thing to comment on a girl’s DP on?

If you don’t know the girl much to call her a “friend”, please don’t creep her out. It’s best if you don’t comment and rather complement her in person (if she’s a classmate or a colleague). But if you still want to, then go for something like “Hey you look pretty cool in that picture”.

Which is the best comment for girl’s photos on Facebook?

The best comments for girl’s photos on Facebook are enlisted here for such boys and men. Choose a good comment as per the situation from the following list to impress the girls on Facebook. Loving, dare I say? Wow! What a picture you click 4. Free ideas for best comment on Pic of Facebook & Instagram

Which is the best caption for a girl?

Make yourself a priority. Be brave, be kind, be you. Create your own happiness. You can change the world girl. Be you because you’re pretty. Dressing well is the best revenge. Coz we never go out of style. Back and better than ever. Strong women rule the world. I dress to impress only myself. Short hair, don’t care. Swear I am normal.