Do you need a tutorial to play Kantai Collection?

Do you need a tutorial to play Kantai Collection?

This page assumes that you are already signed up for Kantai Collection and have successfully joined a server (i.e. you are not asked to select a server upon loading the game.) If you haven’t done this, please go to the page Tutorial: How to Register and follow the instructions on it.

Which is the best guide to play KanColle?

Alternatively, you may wish to refer to this Kancolle Reddit Beginner guide or video guides such as Tetsamaru’s Kancolle playthrough. Do note however that the video guide may potentially be outdated considering this game is constantly evolving at a rapid rate.

What happens when your flagship is damaged in Kancolle?

Having your flagship heavily damaged will force your fleet to retreat. Night battles are not counted as a new battle. Fatigue/morale affects the accuracy of your ships and the cap on damage they will take. It has no effect on ship sinking, but try not to sortie with fatigued ships.

How to unlock the next zone in Kancolle?

To unlock the next zone, you will need to obtain a victory (B or above) against the boss fleet (the larger, horned red dot on the map.) for ordinary maps without boss gauge. In further sorties such as all Extra Operation maps, 4-4, 5-2, 5-3]

Where do you find the starter ships in Kancolle?

Click the arrows to either side of the button at the bottom to see your five options. Don’t struggle too much over this decision; the starter ships are all destroyers you will probably get multiple copies of over the course of the game and you will soon have a full navy of other ships that can replace them if you so wish.

Where can I See my married ships in Kancolle?

Card Display – Display your collection of ships and equipment. You can also re-watch the marriage of your married ships here. Items – See your inventory of miscellaneous items such as medals , furniture boxes, buckets, instant build items and cash items.

Where do you find the Secretary in Kancolle?

Do this by using the Supply/補給 menu. This screen is where you’ll be spending most of your time in Kantai Collection. The ship girl on the right is the flagship of your first fleet and will speak if you click on her, also referred as your secretary. Organize – Organize your fleets for sorties and expeditions