What does OBO mean in shipping?

What does OBO mean in shipping?

An ore-bulk-oil carrier, also known as combination carrier or OBO, is a ship designed to be capable of carrying wet or dry cargoes. The idea is to reduce the number of empty (ballast) voyages, in which large ships only carry a cargo one way and return empty for another.

What does OBO price mean?

best offer
OBO ➡️ or best offer | When a seller posts an item and lists the price for “$20 OBO,” the seller will accept higher bids than the listed price.

What OBO means in English?

OBO abbreviation. DEFINITIONS2. or best offer: used in advertisements to show that you will accept slightly less than the price you are asking.

What is meant by general cargo ship?

A ship with one or more decks, having ability to carry a variety of commodities in different forms such as boxed, palletized, refrigerated, and with the possibility to accommodate bulk materials such as grain.

What is the purpose of container ship?

container ship, oceangoing vessel designed to transport large, standard-sized containers of freight.

What is Obi stand for?


Acronym Definition
OBI operational business intelligence
OBI Outside Business Interest
OBI Organisation du Baccalauréat International (French: International Baccalaureate Organization)
OBI Open Back Inclinable (industrial press used in manufacturing)

What does ONB stand for?


Acronym Definition
ONB Old National Bancorp
ONB Opera Nazionale Balilla (Italian: National Opera Balilla; youth organization)
ONB On Board (philately; Zeppelin mail designation)
ONB Operation New Birmingham (Alabama)

What Odo means?


Acronym Definition
ODO Odometer
ODO Ordnance Disposal Office (est. 2011; African Union-United Nations Hybrid Operation)
ODO Open Doors Organization
ODO Occurs Depending On

What is the purpose of cargo ship?

– Multi-purpose cargo ship – The vessel designed for transport of wide range of commodities such as general cargo, forest products, dry bulk, grain, steel coils and usually equipped for transport of containers. Such vessels have tank top strengthened for heavy cargo and grab operation.

What does Obo stand for in real life?

OBO stands for Or best offer. When you sell something, you probably have an idea of how much you want to charge. However, you have to balance several factors and not just price when considering how much you want to charge for something.

How many Obo’s are there in the world?

OBO operates a global network and employs around 4,000 people in over 60 countries, selling over 30,000 items. Following the transaction, OBO ‘s additional annual revenues are seen to reach mid-single-digit million EUR levels, the buyer noted.

Where is the location of the OBO fish shop?

Future versions of the device, however, are expected to use the same technology, but increase the bandwidth up to 100Gb/s per optical channel, ultimately enabling 1.6Tb/s of data throughput over a single OBO module. Obo is reported to be a fisherman operating at Kiunga and resides at Maweni in Malindi where he runs a fish shop at Kwafamau.

Who is Sungwon Obo and what does it stand for?

Sungwon OBO, a member of Makateb Holding, has announced it recently signed a one-year renewable contract to provide exclusive facilities management (FM) services to Michigan State University (MSU) Dubai. Acronyms browser? Full browser? is now available in paperback and eBook formats.