Do officers have to go through MEPS?

Do officers have to go through MEPS?

Joining the Military requires at least one (or more) trips to the Military Entrance Processing Station (MEPS). At a very minimum, you make 1 trip to MEPS for initial medical screening, and another trip if it is determined you need a specialist consultation….Answers.

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Do officer candidates take the Asvab at MEPS?

Only the US Army, Marine Corps, and the US Coast Guard accept the ASVAB for officer applicants. Prospective officer candidates looking at the Air Force and the Navy do not have to take the ASVAB.

Do you do anything physical at MEPS?

Your physical examination consists of: Height and weight measurements. Hearing and vision examinations. Urine and blood tests.

What happens if you fail your physical at MEPS?

If your 2807-2 is declined or you fail your physical at MEPS, you will receive either a Temporary Disqualification (TDQ) or a Permanent Disqualification (PDQ). Don’t let those terms scare you away.

How long does a MEPS physical take?

The Department of Defense operates MEPS facilities with the assistance of military and civilian personnel who specialize in determining an applicant’s physical, mental and moral readiness to enter the military. Completing a MEPS screening typically takes two full days of testings and screenings.

Can MEPS pull Medical Records 2020?

Military cannot obtain medical records from MEPS if you have not previously had any health problems or erratic test results. However, if you get sick or injured after the mission, the military can extract your details to look for an existing condition.

Can I quit the military after MEPS?

If you have NOT been to the Military Entrance Processing Station (MEPS) and have NOT taken an Oath of Enlistment, you are free to quit the process at any time. Just because you arrive at MEPS does not mean you are fully committed with no chance of deciding not to commit after all.

Can your parents go with you to MEPS?

At MEPS, your child will take the Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery (ASVAB) test, undergo a physical examination (which varies by Service and job) and undergo a background screening. As a parent, you are free to accompany your child to MEPS, but you will be asked to wait in a separate area during the test.

What do you need to know about the MEPs physical exam?

Your physical examination consists of: Height and weight measurements. Hearing and vision examinations. Urine and blood tests. Drug and alcohol tests. Muscle group and joint maneuvers, in underclothing. Complete physical examination and interview. Specialized test, if required.

What happens when you get a MEPs in the military?

The Military is physically and mentally demanding. MEPS is used to ensure that you can meet those demands without causing harm to yourself or to others. During this process an applicant’s aptitude will be tested and individuals will learn which jobs they qualify for. What Happens at MEPS?

Can you make an appointment with the MEPs?

Your recruiter will do some MEPS prescreening, and once that clears, an appointment with your local MEPS can be made. A day at MEPS can and will be a long day of testing and screening, so be prepared for a long day of “hurry up and wait.”

What should I bring to basic training for the MEPs?

GETTING READY FOR MEPS. Wear neat, moderate, comfortable clothing. Don’t bring stereo headphones, watches, jewelry, excessive cash or any other valuables. Ask your recruiter for a list of recommended personal items to bring to basic training. Processing starts early at the MEPS — You must report on time.