Where is Circle Y located?

Where is Circle Y located?

Most Circle Y serial numbers are located on a silver plate or leather strap under the mounting side of your saddle.

How much is a Circle Y saddle?

Registered. Circle Y has become an somewhat expensive saddle. The older ones are usually a good buy but value depends on condition, style, size, tree style, and age. Down here, I’ve seen nice Circle Y’s selling used for anywhere from $300 to $900 depending on what I’ve mentioned.

Are Tucker saddles made by Circle Y?

Since 2003, under the new ownership of Steve Tucker, saddle maker, rider, and founder of Tucker Trail Saddles, Circle Y has progressed to be the world’s leader in product design, innovation, and quality.

What is the lightest Circle Y saddle?

Built on the original Josey Ultimate tree, we’ve lined synthetic skirting with lightweight leather to reduce weight for the ultimate lightweight racing saddle….MJ01 Josey-Mitchell Lightweight Lightspeed.

Country of Manufacture United States
Weight 17.00 Pounds
Cantle Height 5.00 inches
Brand Circle Y
Horn 4″ Neck x 2 1/4″ Cap

How can you tell a fake Circle Y saddle?

Determine how old your saddle is by the serial number. If it looks like 1234-5678-90, the saddle was manufactured after 2005. It looks like 1234-5678-90AB-CD, the saddle was most likely manufactured sometime between 1990 and 2005.

Does Circle Y make high horse saddles?

Saddles for Everyone Still located there, Circle Y now produces the High Horse line to help make hand crafted, American made saddles affordable to all riders.

Where are Circle Y Saddles made?

Circle Y saddles are all still made in Yoakum, TX, by a team of expert craftsmen who combine decades of knowledge and new technology to meet the needs of riders.

Can you use a regular saddle on a mule?

A Horse Saddle Does Not Fit A Mule Yes, they look similar. But a mule is also part donkey and the donkey’s bone structure is fundamentally different than a horse’s. The mule gets his bone structure, or skeletal structure, from the donkey. Because the mule does not have a horse skeletal structure.

Where did circle y saddles get their name?

Circle Y Saddles is America’s Leading Saddle Brand. Circle Y’s innovative products reflect the current trends in design and are ahead of the industry in technology. Circle Y started hand crafting saddles in 1960 in the small Texas town of Yoakum.

When did circle y of Yoakum start making saddles?

Circle Y started hand crafting saddles in 1960 in the small Texas town of Yoakum. Still located there, Circle Y continues to produce high quality saddles and tack with the heritage and tradition the company was founded on.

What kind of saddle should I buy for my horse?

From trail saddles to barrel saddles, we have a variety of options in the sizes you need for you and your horse to experience your best rides yet. Choose your style, color, and size for years of riding satisfaction.