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How to learn to improvise? Easily!

What is improvisation? About what is musical improvisation, what are its secrets and how to master this art, a lot of works are written. Should I address this topic again? Worth it! There are a lot of “mysterious things” in music, which, it seems, are made by almost all musicians, but they are rarely explained, […]

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This kills most musicians…

Many people who create music, and especially beginning musicians, often after they create, record something unusual or unusual, the question arises: “How will my song, how it will be perceived, how will it be treated, will be whether to criticize it” …etc., i.e. those issues that can be an “anchor” for its further advancement. That […]

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Basics of clean, high-quality sound recording

If you set yourself the goal of creating a sound recording studio, you should present a consequence of some factors affecting the final quality of the audio product. In this article, we’ll look at some key points that affect the quality of sound recording on a computer. So, in order: Choosing a musical instrument Apparently, […]

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15 tips for writing a thesis

These simple tips for a professional writing of thesis will help you to save nerves and time. Never choose simple-looking topics for thesis papers: the simpler the topic appears, the more difficult it is to make it. If possible, always write on the company where you work Begin to write from the list of literature, […]

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