Who won the 2011 Tchaikovsky piano Competition?

Who won the 2011 Tchaikovsky piano Competition?

Daniil Trifonov

Year 1st Prize/Gold 2nd Prize/Silver
2007 Not awarded Miroslav Kultyshev
2011 Daniil Trifonov Yeol Eum Son
2015 Dmitry Masleev Lucas Geniušas George Li
2019 Alexandre Kantorow Mao Fujita Dmitry Shishkin

How often is the Tchaikovsky Competition?

once every four years
The International Tchaikovsky Competition is held once every four years.

Where did the 2011 Tchaikovsky competition take place?

In 2011, the Competition was first held in two cities, Moscow and Saint Petersburg. The jubilee XV International Tchaikovsky Competition was timed to the 175th anniversary of the birth of the great Russian composer.

Is there an international music competition in Moscow?

International Moscow Music Online-Competition is an opportunity to demonstrate your talent and dedication to music, receive a Diploma of the international competition in electronic form. Records are estimated by leading musicians, experts from different countries. Grand prix: 1000 € + Special money prizes.

Is there a piano competition in San Jose?

An organization of the highest caliber, this annual event showcases some of the world’s most talented young pianists. Since 2000, San Jose has had the good fortune of hosting the International Russian Music Piano Competition.

Where was the Tchaikovsky International Music Competition held?

The XIV International Tchaikovsky Competition was held in Moscow and St. Petersburg, Russia, from June 14 to July 1, 2011, under the auspices of the Russian federal government and its Ministry of Culture.

When does the next piano competition take place?

Due to the ongoing global pandemic, the 2021 Competition took place in a VIRTUAL setting.