Who was the CIA agent in Argo?

Who was the CIA agent in Argo?

Tony Mendez
“Tony Mendez, clandestine CIA hero of Ben Affleck’s ‘Argo,’ reveals the real story behind film smash”.

What was the name of the operation in Argo?

The “Canadian Caper” was the joint covert rescue by the Canadian government and the CIA of six American diplomats who had evaded capture during the seizure of the United States embassy in Tehran, Iran, on November 4, 1979, after the Iranian Revolution, when Islamist students took most of the American embassy personnel …

What eventually happens at the embassy in Argo?

After Iranian militants stormed and took control of the U.S. Embassy in Tehran in November 1979 taking 56 Americans as hostages, six Americans managed to get away and took refuge in the home of Canadian Ambassador Ken Taylor.

Did Argo use real footage?

Several family members of the real Tony Mendez appear as bus passenger extras after the group is allowed to board the plane. All the Super 8 footage that is used in the opening sequence of the storming of the embassy was completely recreated. None of it is authentic.

What does Argo stand for?


Acronym Definition
ARGO Association of Remote Gambling Operators (now Remote Gambling Association)
ARGO Array for Real-Time Geostrophic Oceanography
ARGO Advanced Reciprocating Gait Orthosis
ARGO Automatic Ranging Grid Overlay

Is Argo realistic?

The movie Argo, up for seven Oscars at this year’s Academy Awards, is based on the true story of the CIA rescue of Americans in Tehran during the 1979 hostage crisis. Movie aficionados — and historians — know that the movie sticks pretty close to what really happened during the Iranian Revolution.

Is Argo a real life story?

Ex-CIA agent Tony Mendez, who inspired the Oscar-winning film Argo, has died at the age of 78. He is best known for smuggling six American diplomats out of Iran during the 1979-81 hostage crisis by posing as a film producer. Ben Affleck, who directed Argo and starred as Mendez, called him “a true American hero”.

What was the story of the movie Argo?

Note: The film focuses on the good fortune of six American diplomats who escaped the 1979 take-over of the U.S. embassy in Tehran by Iranian militants.

How did the Argo exfiltration operation go off?

The Argo exfiltration operation went off very smoothly. However, certainly the diplomats trying to get out of Tehran were nervous and tense. It could be said that the incidents used to build tension were essentially truthful, whether they happened or not. 1.

Why was Robert Blucker blindfolded in Argo?

U.S. President Carter allowed the exiled Shah asylum and medical care in the United States. Enraged members of the Iranian Revolution demanded his return so that they could prosecute and punish him for his actions. The blindfold worn by Robert Blucker during captivity, which he donated to the Diplomacy Center’s collection.