Who traded for Jarome Iginla?

Who traded for Jarome Iginla?

And when Feaster came to the podium, he announced that Iginla was becoming… a Pittsburgh Penguin. In exchange, the Flames had landed Kenneth Agostino, Ben Hanowski and a first round pick. Now, before we get into the two hauls, let’s start in one place: Kenneth Agostino wasn’t the player’s name, it was Ken (or Kenny).

Why was Jarome Iginla traded?

In his final season with the Avs, he was traded to the L.A. Kings at the deadline in hopes of getting one more shot at a Cup. Instead, the Kings ended up missing the playoffs completely, and that ended up signaling not only the end of Iginla’s season but his career.

When did Jarome Iginla get traded by the Flames?

The Dallas Stars selected Iginla with their first pick, 11th overall, in the 1995 NHL Entry Draft; however, on December 20, 1995, they traded him to the Calgary Flames, along with Corey Millen, for the rights to forward Joe Nieuwendyk, who was then in a contract dispute with the Flames.

When did Iginla leave Calgary?

Iginla announced his retirement from the NHL at a news conference in Calgary on July 30, 2018. Prior to that, the Edmonton-born player had led a 20-season career.

Is Jarome Iginla a Hall of Famer?

Jarome Iginla’s career consisted of 1,554 regular season games, in which he scored 625 times and assisted on 675 more for a total of 1,300 points. In recognition of a truly spectacular career, Jarome Iginla was inducted into the Hockey Hall of Fame in 2020.

What is Jarome Iginla famous for?

The Final Comment: Iginla Was a Great Player and the Gold Standard. Iginla ended his NHL career with 1,300 points, scoring 625 goals and 675 assists. He was perhaps the NHL’s most dominant power forward for more than a decade. He scored 50 goals twice, and in five seasons he was better than a point-per-game player.

What is Jarome Iginla early life?

Jarome Iginla was born in Edmonton, Alberta on Canada Day, 1977, to Susan and Adekunle (Elvis) Iginla. His father is of Nigerian descent, and his mother is Caucasian, originally from the United States. After Iginla’s parents divorced when he was two years old, he was raised by his mother and grandparents in St.

Did Jarome Iginla win a Stanley Cup?

He won five Stanley Cups with the Edmonton Oilers before heading to the New York Rangers and ending a 54-year championship drought in 1993-94. He is one of seven defensemen in history to have won six or more Cups.

What nationality was Jarome Iginla?

Jarome Iginla/Nationality

How many cups does Jarome Iginla have?

four Stanley Cup
During his tenure, the Red Wings won 10 division championships, five regular-season conference titles, four Presidents’ Trophies, and four Stanley Cup championships. He made the playoffs in the first 19 seasons and won over 1,000 games.

When did Jarome Iginla get his number retired?

He is a past winner of the Mark Messier Leadership Award and has been recognized by both the Flames and the league for his community work; while a member of the Flames, Iginla donated $2,000 to the children’s charity Kidsport for every goal he scored. His number 12 was retired by the Flames during a pre-game ceremony on March 2, 2019.

When did Jarome Iginla become captain of the Calgary Flames?

At the start of the 2003–04 season, Iginla was named the 18th captain in Flames franchise history, and 14th since the team moved to Calgary from Atlanta in 1980. His predecessor as captain, Craig Conroy, cited Iginla’s experience and leadership for his decision to relinquish the captaincy.

Where was Jarome Iginla born and raised in Canada?

Iginla was born in Edmonton, Alberta, and raised in the adjoining city of St. Albert. His father, a lawyer, was originally from Nigeria and changed his first name from Adekunle to Elvis when he arrived in Canada.

How many goals did Jarome Iginla score in 2002?

Iginla fell back to 67 points in 2002–03 as injuries, including a lingering finger dislocation following a fight, diminished his play. His 35 goals were still enough to lead the Flames for the fourth time in five seasons. Despite his offensive contributions, the Flames missed the playoffs.