Who owns Magnanini Winery?

Who owns Magnanini Winery?

Richard and Rachel, with their two sons Robert and David, continue to work to keep the family tradition alive. The Magnanini Family has now been serving estate wines and home cooked meals at the winery restaurant for over 32 years.

What wine is Traverse City known for?

The wine regions around Traverse City are Riesling heaven; cold winters and comparatively cool summers help whites keep their acidity, yet long daylight hours in summer allow grapes to build sugar. Lately, there has also been a boom in sparkling wine production in the area.

What are the names of the wineries?

Winery Names and Vineyard Names

The Grape Escape A Taste of Class Winery
Vineyard Creek Shelly’s Cellar Vineyard and Winery
Rolling Hills Vineyard Cheers Vineyard
Burnt Hills Winery Battle Creek Estate Vineyard
Indian Rock Winery Fresca Garden Vineyard

How many wineries are in Traverse City?

Wine lovers rejoice because Traverse City sits right next to two American Viticultural Areas: Old Mission Peninsula and Leelanau Peninsula. Together, these areas boast more than 40 wineries where visitors can enjoy a taste of local Michigan vino.

How many wineries are in Traverse City MI?

Or maybe you’re just ready to relax and have a good time. Good news is, you can do them both at about 40 different wineries throughout the Traverse City region — in the Traverse Wine Coast.

Are Traverse City wineries open year round?

When you think about a weekend away on a wine tour, you may conjure up images of gently rolling hills, a warm summer breeze, and a cheese plate savored on a patio. However, eight of the nine wineries on the Old Mission Peninsula near Traverse City remain open throughout the winter.

Do wineries in Traverse City require reservations?

Reservation Only As of the writing of this blog post, wineries in Traverse City can operate at a maximum of 50% occupancy. That’s where reservations come into play, helping ensure you’ll get a safe, private experience while on the wine trail.

Who owns Mari vineyards in Michigan?

Oak Island isn’t the only way Marty Lagina makes his money. The reality star is also a winery owner. He originally got into the wine business with a 3-acre vineyard called Row 7, but then upgraded to a much larger operation called Mari Vineyards in Traverse City, Michigan.