Who owns KMB?

Who owns KMB?

Transport International
Kowloon Motor Bus/Parent organizations
KMB is a wholly-owned subsidiary and flagship company of Transport International Holdings Limited (www.tih.hk, SEHK: 0062).

What is KMB in Hong Kong?

The Kowloon Motor Bus Company (1933) Limited (KMB) is a bus company operating franchised services in Hong Kong. It is the largest bus company in Hong Kong by fleet size and number of bus routes. It is a subsidiary of Transport International.

How many KMB bus in Hong Kong?

354 bus routes
The Kowloon Motor Bus Company (1933) Limited (KMB) operates 354 bus routes in Kowloon and the New Territories and 64 routes on cross-harbour services. Fares for urban routes range from $3.2 to $13.4, and for New Territories routes, from $2 to $46.5.

Who owns the bus companies in HK?

New World First Bus Services Limited (NWFB) was established in 1998, taking over China Motor Bus’s franchise to provide bus services on Hong Kong Island together with Citybus. NWFB’s parent company later bought Citybus, but the two companies have basically been operating independently.

What does KMB stand for?


Acronym Definition
KMB Kiss My Butt
KMB Korova Milk Bar
KMB Kempen & Co Merchant Bank (Germany)
KMB Kotak Mahindra Bank Limited (India)

Who owns Kowloon Bus?

Kowloon Motor Bus/Parent organizations

How much is bus in Hong Kong?

Fares Bus fares cost HK$4.50 to HK$47, depending on the destination. Fares for night buses cost from HK$7.50 to HK$33. You will need exact change or an Octopus card.

How many buses are in Hong Kong?

One of the networks comprises 52 Hong Kong Island routes, three Kowloon routes, one New Territories route and 35 cross-harbour routes. With a fleet of 744 air- conditioned buses, this network carries an average of about 369 000 passengers a day Note 1, 2.

What does KBM stand for gaming?

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How do I get a KMB monthly pass?

It is easy, fast and convenient to buy a KMB Monthly Pass. Passengers may purchase the Pass with more than a hundred self-service kiosks, or with the App1933. Passengers may call the KMB Customer Service Hotline on 2745-4466 or LiveChat with us on App1933 or the KMB website for more details.

Can you eat on Hong Kong buses?

To ensure that all passengers can enjoy a comfortable and pleasant travelling environment on its buses, KMB reminds passengers not to eat or drink on buses in order to keep the bus compartment clean and hygienic.

How do you pay for the bus in Hong Kong?

Fares and tickets Pay the exact fare by using an Octopus card or cash when alighting.

Which is the largest bus company in Hong Kong?

The Kowloon Motor Bus Company (1933) Limited (KMB; Chinese: 九龍巴士 (一九三三)有限公司) is a bus company operating franchised services in Hong Kong. It is the largest bus company in Hong Kong by fleet size and number of bus routes.

When was Kowloon Motor Bus in Hong Kong?

Kowloon Motor Bus also had a defunct Hong Kong football club Kowloon Motor Bus Co.. It was formed in 1947 and joined Hong Kong First Division League in 1947-48 season. Nicknamed “Atomic Bus”, the team obtained the only two league titles in 1953-54 and 1966-67.

Where are the KMB bus depots in Kowloon?

KMB operate four depots in Kowloon and the New Territories. The depot of a bus is identified by the letter K, L, S, or U, and the letter is marked on the bottom left of the driver’s windscreen or below windscreen. The assignment scheme is as follows:

When did Long Win Bus start in Hong Kong?

On 1 June 1997, KMB formed a subsidiary, Long Win Bus, to provide service on the Lantau Link to the new Hong Kong International Airport and Tung Chung. In 1998, KMB extended its business into mainland China with a co-operative joint venture, Dalian Hong Kong Macau Company.