Who is the manufacturer of Aixam micro cars?

Who is the manufacturer of Aixam micro cars?

AIXAM Car Models List. Aixam-Mega is an automobile manufacturer from France, particularly based in Aix-les-Bains, Savoie. It was initially meant to create micro cars in 1983 when it was discovered.

What kind of car is the Aixam Scouty?

Currently the vehicles they offer include the Aixam Crossline or referred to as A-series. Units in the series include crossline, A-721, A-741, and A-751. Next is the Aixam Scouty that can run up to 93 km/h.

Do you need a Category B1 licence to drive an Aixam?

This requires a category B1 licence to legally drive them. In January 2013, the law changed such that special restricted low power versions of the car (Aixam 400) can now be driven by full AM licence holders in the UK.

Who is the parent company of Aixam Mega?

Aixam-Mega is a French automobile manufacturer based in Aix-les-Bains, Savoie. It was founded in 1983 to make microcars following the acquisition of Arola. On April 11, 2013, US based Polaris Industries announced that it had acquired Aixam-Mega.

How many points of sale does Aixam have?

Aixam has a network of 200 points of sale and after sales service near you. If you need information, have your car serviced, benefit from one of our service (location, assistance, finance …) Wherever you are, you can count on our aixam specialits !

What kind of engine does the Aixam 500 have?

Their other models including the Aixam 500.5, 500, and 400 are considered basic when it comes to the latest mechanical standards. A range of either diesel or petrol engines were tried out to these models through the years. The petrol versions made use of a 505-cc Lombardini twin-cylinder with a power of 19.5 bhp.

When did Aixam start making quadricycles in France?

A French brand attached to its roots, AIXAM has been constantly innovating since its creation in 1983. Thanks to research and development, the models continually evolve in terms of safety, comfort and design.