Who is the current CEO of SingPost?

Who is the current CEO of SingPost?

Vincent Phang (Sep 1, 2021–)
Singapore Post/CEO

THE board of Singapore Post (SingPost) SingPost: S08 -0.75% announced on Friday that Vincent Phang will be named group chief executive officer (CEO) and executive, non-independent director from Sept 1. The current group CEO Paul Coutts’ last day with the postal service provider is Aug 31.

Who owns Singapore Post?

The company is a wholly owned subsidiary of multinational telecommunications conglomerate Singtel. The company provides mail collection and delivery services throughout Singapore.

What is postage paid impression?

Postage Paid Impressions (PPIs) offer a convenient alternative for businesses to using stamps or franking machines to send mail. To use a PPI mark, your business must first have an account with us. PPI marks can either be individually ink-stamped onto envelopes, or you can have envelopes pre-printed.

How long does it take for SingPost to deliver to Malaysia?

International Delivery

Overview Delivery Time
Speedpost Priority International Courier Shipping ideal for larger shipments and volume 2-8 working days
Speedpost Standard 5-14 working days
Speedpost Economy 3-15 working weeks
International Mail Economical shipping of smaller items (up to 2kg) 4-10 days

Is SingPost a monopoly?

The Government has decided to open the Basic Mail Services market, which includes the collection and delivery of letters and postcards, within, into and out of Singapore, after a 15-year monopoly by Singapore Post Ltd (SingPost)1. Today, businesses account for almost 95 per cent of Singapore’s total domestic mail.

How many employees does SingPost have?

As at FY2017/18, our staff strength in Singapore was 4,210, compared to 4,676 in FY2016/17. The reduction in employee numbers was due to natural attrition and alignment of the manpower base to the Group’s business and operating needs as we re-engineer our operations to enhance competitiveness.

What is M bag SingPost?

Local postage-paid packaging that delivers directly to your letterbox – economical and easy to use! Introducing an all-new postage-paid option for senders that are looking for a fuss-free mailing experience, without hurting those wallets. …

How do I send a bulk package?

For even heavier items, try UPS Ground. The service accepts packages that weigh up to 150 pounds. For very large and heavy items such as furniture, FedEx Freight might save you money on shipping. Heavy products need to ship in stronger cardboard boxes to stay secure in transit.

Is Speedpost under SingPost?

Speedpost is a last mile door-to-door express delivery service by SP Parcels, a subsidiary of Singapore Post. This service is for delivery of documents, parcels and freight within Singapore as well as to more than 220 destinations worldwide.

Does SingPost use DHL?

The partnership with SingPost is the latest in a series of ongoing efforts by DHL Express to enhance its consumer offerings to provide greater convenience to Singaporeans. Head of SP Parcels, SingPost, Freddy Chang said, “SingPost is happy to offer our POPStation services to DHL.

Who are SingPost competitors?

Here, SingPost leads the competition with POPStations in around 160 locations. The nearest competitor is Blu, which has BluPorts in approximately 120 locations including Cheers convenience stores and petrol stations.

Who is the Chief Executive Officer of SingPost?

Group Chief Executive Officer Mr Paul William Coutts was appointed Group Chief Executive Officer (GCEO) of Singapore Post Limited (SingPost) on 1 June 2017 to provide overall leadership to the transformation of the Group, integrate SingPost’s eCommerce logistics platforms and build out a globally competitive business.

Who is the chief corporate officer of Singtel?

Ms Lim, 49, is currently the Group Chief Corporate Officer of Singapore Telecommunications Limited. She assumed this role on 1 April 2021 and is responsible for the Singtel Group’s corporate functions including finance shared services and transformation office, group property, legal, mergers and acquisitions, procurement, and risk management.

Who is the chief corporate officer of Singapore?

During Mr Leonard’s tenure, SGInnovate played a critical role in building nearly 90 deep tech startups and formed a community of more than 34,000 members. Ms Lim, 49, is currently the Group Chief Corporate Officer of Singapore Telecommunications Limited.

When did Home Retail Group become a company?

Shares in Home Retail Group were traded on the London Stock Exchange as from 11 October 2006. In October 2007, Home Retail Group bought twenty seven stores from Focus DIY, and converted them to the format of Homebase.