Who directed 47 Ronin?

Who directed 47 Ronin?

Carl Rinsch
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Who raised Kai in 47 Ronin?

Lord Asano (Min Tanaka) is a feudal lord who rules the Ako province with a strong-yet-fair fist. He and his samurai came upon 13-year-old Kai in the forest and took Kai in when the half-blood was but a child.

Is 47 Ronin a remake?

47 Ronin (四十七人の刺客, Shijūshichinin no shikaku) is a 1994 Japanese film directed by Kon Ichikawa. The film is another version of the Chūshingura, the story of the revenge of the forty-seven rōnin of Ako against Lord Kira….47 Ronin (1994 film)

47 Ronin
Country Japan
Language Japanese

What happened at the end of 47 Ronin?

Oishi brings Kira’s severed head before everybody, ending the battle. The ronin travel to the grave of Lord Asano, now having avenged his death and allowing him to rest in peace.

What happened to Carl Rinsch?

Rinsch is currently in post-production of a science fiction special project. Rinsch studied at Brown University and Columbia University, where he earned Honors in the fields of English, Art and Science.

Why did they commit seppuku in 47 Ronin?

The story tells of a group of samurai who were left leaderless after their daimyō (feudal lord) Asano Naganori was compelled to perform seppuku (ritual suicide) for assaulting a powerful court official named Kira Yoshinaka. They were then obliged to commit seppuku for the crime of murder.

Who is the director of the movie 47 Ronin?

47 Ronin is a 2013 American 3D period fantasy action – adventure film directed by Carl Rinsch. Written by Chris Morgan and Hossein Amini from a story by Morgan and Walter Hamada, the film is a work of Chūshingura (“The Treasury of Loyal Retainers”) serving as a fictionalized account of the forty-seven rōnin,…

Who are the main characters in 47 Ronin?

Cast overview, first billed only: Keanu Reeves Kai Hiroyuki Sanada Ôishi Ko Shibasaki Mika (as Kô Shibasaki) Tadanobu Asano Lord Kira Min Tanaka Lord Asano

What is the error code for 47 Ronin?

(Error Code: 102630) A band of samurai set out to avenge the death and dishonor of their master at the hands of a ruthless shogun. Get the scoop on all the superhero movies and series coming in 2021 and beyond.

What was the box office for 47 Ronin?

Although its action sequences and visuals were praised, 47 Ronin received generally negative reviews from critics and grossed $151 million against its total budget of $175 million, making it a box office bomb and leaving Universal deeply in the red for 2013.