Which topics are included in data interpretation?

Which topics are included in data interpretation?

Data Interpretation

  • Bar Graph.
  • Line Chart.
  • Tabular Form.
  • Caselet Form.
  • Radar/Web.
  • Pie Chart.
  • Missing Data Interpretation.
  • Data Interpretation Practice Questions.

What is data Interpretation for SBI PO?

The data interpretation is all about approximation in calculations. Given below are a few tips that will help candidates solve SBI PO question paper faster and easily. Approximation helps in reducing the mistakes as the question of calculating many numbers does not arise. For example 3692/235 =15.710638….

How can I get good marks in data interpretation?

1. Master in calculations –

  1. Multiplication of three / two-digit numbers by three / two digit numbers.
  2. Learn Square roots of up to 4 digit perfect squares.
  3. Learn Cube roots of up to 6 digit perfect cubes.
  4. Practice well in Multiplication by 5, 25, 75, 125.
  5. Practice well in Division by 5, 25, 75, 125.

What do you study in data interpretation?

Tables, Bar graphs, league matches, line graphs, percentage change, case lets and data sufficiency are a few topics on which the questions are asked in the paper. Some of the mathematics areas which you must be good at are percentage, averages & ratio proportion.

How many arithmetic topics are there?

The four elementary operations in arithmetic are addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.

What are the types of data interpretation?

The quantitative data interpretation method is used to analyze quantitative data, which is also known as numerical data. This data type contains numbers and is therefore analyzed with the use of numbers and not texts….Frequency distribution

  • Regression analysis.
  • Cohort analysis.
  • Predictive and prescriptive analysis.

How many types of data interpretation are there?

There are 2 main types of qualitative data, namely; nominal and ordinal data. These 2 data types are both interpreted using the same method, but ordinal data interpretation is quite easier than that of nominal data.

How do you solve Di quickly?

In DI most of the questions are usually based on percentage increase and decrease, ratios and averages. A simple trick for solving data interpretation problems quickly is: learn tables till 20. learn fractions till 1/20 to improve your speed.

How do you solve data interpretation questions quickly?


  1. 1)Mind Calculation:
  2. 2)Write Clearly:
  3. 3)Use Approximation Value:
  4. 4)Solve Question in Order as they Appear in the Question:
  5. 5)Figure out the Answer by just looking the diagram:
  6. 6)Write down the Correct Data from the Diagram:
  7. 7)Topics to know:

How do you interpret data quickly?

What are the 4 branches of arithmetic?


  • Addition: It is the basic sign in the four operations of arithmetic.
  • Subtraction: Subtraction is also an arithmetic operation next to addition.
  • Multiplication: Multiplication is one of the four elementary operations of arithmetic.
  • Division:

Which is the best data interpretation for SBI PO?

If you are on Google with these above queries, it means you are at right place; we at Smartkeeda will give you the solution of all above requirements in just one click without any distractions. Data Interpretation is one most important topic for SBI PO exam, five to ten questions have been seen in SBI PO Prelims exams.

How to solve data interpretation for SBI Clerk?

Solving a Data Interpretation is basically based on Calculation of how you are good at solving basic maths equations like Simplification. So if you want to be master of DI Questions you must work on your basic maths problems as much as you can make you maths basic strong you can solve SBI PO DI Questions Fast.

Which is the best time to prepare for SBI PO?

With the SBI PO examinations already scheduled to be conducted in July 2018, right now is a crucial time for your preparations, so every second of preparation counts in improving your chances of clearing the SBI PO examinations.

Which is the best di for data interpretation?

Data interpretation is an important topic for aspirants preparing for various competitive exams. There are various types of DI such as line graph, bar graph, pie chart, radar graph, caselet DI, etc. Here you can practice data interpretation pdf from basic to complex questions.