Which kind of work the author should not publish?

Which kind of work the author should not publish?

Multiple, redundant or concurrent publication: An author should not in general publish manuscripts describing essentially the same research in more than one journal or primary publication.

What ethics must publishers adhere to?

ETHICS OF PUBLICATIONThe avoidance of the risk of plagiarism and respect for intellectual property;Respect for the rights of human subjects in research;The identification of and dealing with allegations of research misconduct;The identification of and dealing with manipulations of citations;The disclosure of any conflicts of interest;

How do you know if research is ethical?

Guiding Principles for Ethical ResearchSocial and clinical value.Scientific validity.Fair subject selection.Favorable risk-benefit ratio.Independent review.Informed consent.Respect for potential and enrolled subjects.

Who owns the copyright of an article published in a journal?

Under such a system, the publisher has permission to edit, print, and distribute the article commercially, but the author(s) retain the other rights themselves. Even if they retain the copyright to an article, most journals allow certain rights to their authors.

Can a company be an author of a copyright?

The court held that where a work is produced by the collective efforts of employees in a company, and each small part created does not constitute an intellectual creation with copyright protection, and that it is the company which brings all the parts together to form a final product, then the company can be an author …

Is ResearchGate credible?

ResearchGate is no longer reliable: leniency towards ghost journals may decrease its impact on the scientific community.