Which is better Alanya or Antalya?

Which is better Alanya or Antalya?

Alanya is younger, livelier and is more the ‘Benidorm’ of the Turkish Riviera complete with relatively high-rise, dense development. The beach at Alanya is generally on the other side of a busy road. As was pointed out, Alanya is roughly twice as far from Antalya airport as Side.

Is Alanya worth visiting?

The shipyard (Tersane) in Alanya is worth a visit – even if you go to a Alanya for a few days only. But do not expect to spend several hours at the location. But it is interesting to take a look and have a walk – and you do get a sense of how it used to be, when being in use.

Is Alanya cheaper than Antalya?

Cost of living in Alanya (Turkey) is 10% cheaper than in Antalya (Turkey)

Is Alanya safe?

OVERALL RISK : MEDIUM. Being that Alanya is a holiday destination, it can be said that it is quite safe for tourists. The risk of being robbed on the beach exists, as well as the constant risk of the terrorist attacks.

Is Side better than Antalya?

Side is much more touristic town and many shops-restaurants are closed. But Antalya is bigger and not a busy city. Antalya has got a very cheap accommodation in OLD TOWN.

Is Antalya like Marmaris?

Antalya and Marmaris might look like they’d be pretty similar on paper – the towns are relatively close to each other On the Turkish Mediterranean coast, and both are known as major summertime getaways. But they’re actually very different. The first is a full-on city, with a history that goes back nearly 2,000 years.

Why is Antalya so cheap?

Another aspect that makes this a great value is that nearly all the attractions, including countless ruins and archeological sites are not only free, but just out in the open. Some nice beaches are close by, so Antalya is a cheap and pleasant mix of culture and sun.

Is Alanya Turkey cheap?

3-Cost of living in Alanya: Living in Alanya is not really expensive at all, what more even is cheaper than in European cities. You can buy fresh fruits and vegetables on local market in a very attractive prices all year around.

Is Alanya Lively?

Alanya, Antayla province, Turkey. Very relaxing and lively. Great place for 18-30 year olds as the nightlife is like Majorca and any lively spanish resort.

Is Antalya Safe 2020?

Antalya is very safe to visit, with a low crime rate and a safe index of 74.5%. Still, you should take standard precaution measures as you would in any other city. Snatching, pickpocketing, and mugging are the most common kinds of petty crime and you should be especially careful around beaches.