Where to stay in Zermatt?

Where to stay in Zermatt?

The 10 best places to stay in Zermatt, Switzerland- 6 KM from Zermatt. Hotel Daniela – 0.21 km from the city center Unique Hotel Post – 0.21 km from Zermatt, Switzerland Antares – 0.77 km from the city center Hotel Ambassador Zermatt – 0.42 km from the city center Hotel Simi – 0.27 km from the city center Haus Sonnheim – 0.67 km from…

What to do in Zermatt?

Things to Do in Zermatt. • Hiking, cycling or mountain biking. Zermatt is an outdoor lover’s paradise! Not surprisingly, skiing is the number one attraction in Zermatt. Especially since you can ski here almost year-round. But in addition to skiing, Zermatt is also great for hiking, cycling, and mountain biking.

How is the Swiss national holiday celebrated in Zermatt?

Celebrations for the Swiss National Holiday aren’t forgotten here either. It is celebrated in traditional style with processions, parades, music, street food and markets . The culminating point of the celebration in Zermatt has to be the large firework display around 10pm.

What is the currency in Zermatt?

Currency in Zermatt. The main currency is the Swiss Franc (CFH). But some places will accept Euros (but don’t count on it). Credit cards are widely accepted, but some shops do have a minimum requirement. A note on Zermatt – it’s not a cheap place to visit. It’s hard to do the city on a budget.

What to wear in Zermatt?

What to wear in Zermatt on holiday. As the winter in Zermatt is very chilly and snow can occur, if you are travelling in winter you should have the winter dress such as coat, hat, scarf, gloves and boots. Shorts and tee-shirts are favored in summer.

What is the best Swiss ski resort?

One of the most popular ski resort in Switzerland is Zermatt, nestling under the iconic Matterhorn mountain, or Verbier with over 400km of Pistes, or the glamourous St Mortiz.