Where is the model number on a Sligh grandfather clock?

Where is the model number on a Sligh grandfather clock?

*The Model number for a Sligh clock is generally found on a sticker or brass plate attached to the inside of the front door or a sticker attached to the upper inside back of the clock which can be seen when you open the upper left hand side door. The model number starts with a 4-digit number such as 0824 or 0929.

Are Sligh grandfather clocks still made?

Sligh products were made in Holland, Michigan and were the highest quality contemporary clocks made in the USA. They were known for their high quality cabinetry and unparalleled sound. Sligh ceased all clock manufacturing in 2005, but they remain a high end manufacturer of furniture products.

How do you set a Sligh grandfather clock?

To set your Grandfather clock, move the minute hand counter clockwise, the chimes should not play. If for some reason the chimes should begin to play when setting the clock, pause until they complete themselves before continuing. Wait until chimes stop, and turn the minute hand counter clockwise to the desired time .

How much should I pay for a grandfather clock?

The low end clocks asking price starts around $80 and goes up from there. The mid range clocks are selling or the asking price is around $250-350 and the higher range closes start at $600-5000. Most clocks like this and the one you have sell for around $350.

When did Sligh go out of business?

Sligh Furniture Co. is phasing out of its Holland manufacturing and its clock business by the end of 2005.

How much does a Sligh grandfather clock weigh?

Most grandfather clocks weigh somewhere between 100 and 220 pounds, depending on the size. So, we suggest that you measure the dimensions of your clock and research the exact model on the Internet to find an approximate weight. Chances are, it’s around 100-150 pounds.

How tall is a Sligh grandfather clock in inches?

Majestic in appearance, each one stands alone in clock cabinetry and skilled clock movement. These include: Shelbourne 0997-4-HA: With measurements of 94 1/2 inches high x 28 inches wide x 16 inches long, this Sligh clock is made from hardwood solids.

What kind of clock is in a Sligh case?

SLIGH OAK CASE BRACKET CLOCK: Oak case with SLIGH OAK CASE BRACKET CLOCK: Oak case with burl accents, brass handle, fluted 3/4 column stiles on front door, carved base.. Mixed metal dial marked CONTEMPORARY CHERRYWOOD TALL-CASE CLOCK , CONTEMPORARY CHERRYWOOD TALL-CASE CLOCK , 20th century, case by Sligh Co.; clock works made in Germany.

How tall is the Bob Timberlake grandfather clock?

Sligh “Bob Timberlake” Mission Style Sligh “Bob Timberlake” Mission Style Oak Grandfather Clock Sligh “Bob Timberlake” Mission Style Oak Grandfather Clock. Brass dial with Arabic Sligh tall clock with three brass weights Sligh tall clock with three brass weights and large brass pendulum. ht. 81in., wd. 24in.

What kind of music does a Sligh grandfather clock play?

Triple chime clock movement plays traditional Westminster, Whittington, and St. Michael’s melodies. It has a cherry finish over hardwood solids. Aston 0837-1-AE or 0837-2-AE: This Sligh mahogany grandfather clock features a great traditional styling with reeded and canted columns.