Where is the headquarters of Planned Parenthood?

Where is the headquarters of Planned Parenthood?

New York, New York, United States
Planned Parenthood/Headquarters

How much does a Planned Parenthood visit cost?

The cost for a visit ranges from $90 to $110. Each type of birth control has varying costs: Pills cost an average of $25 per month. At the health center, ask about discounts and special progams .

Is Planned Parenthood Federation of America the same as Planned Parenthood?

Planned Parenthood Federation of America, Inc. (PPFA), or Planned Parenthood, is a nonprofit organization that provides reproductive health care in the United States and globally.

Can you call Planned Parenthood for questions?

All of our calls are anonymous, confidential, and 100% free. Call us with your questions at 800-258-4448. New from Planned Parenthood Federation of America: Chat.

Does Planned Parenthood take walk ins for STD testing?

Planned Parenthood Call to make an appointment. NO walk- ins for HIV/STI testing.

Is an STD test at Planned Parenthood free?

Some Planned Parenthood health centers can provide STD testing for free, and can help you get health care that you can afford. And many Planned Parenthood health centers provide services on a sliding scale. This means that you may get free or low-cost STD testing, depending on your income.

Is STD testing free at Planned Parenthood?

How much does an ultrasound cost at Planned Parenthood without insurance?

Planned Parenthood charges approximately $222 for an office visit and an ultrasound if you decide not to abort. Planned Parenthood charges $41 for your pregnancy test.

What questions does Planned Parenthood ask?

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What services do you provide?
  • What hours are you open?
  • How soon can I make an appointment?
  • Why do I have to visit a health center to get birth control?
  • Do I need to have a pelvic exam to get birth control?
  • Do I have to be 18 to get birth control?

Where are the Planned Parenthood offices in Washington DC?

National Offices. 1110 Vermont Ave. NW. Washington, DC 20005. Phone: 202-973-4800. Fax: 202-296-3242. 123 William St. 10th Floor. New York, NY 10038.

Where to get birth control in Washington DC?

In the event of inclement weather, Planned Parenthood of Metropolitan Washington, DC follows the recommendations of the federal government. You may also call the PPMW Inclement Weather line at 202.347.8500 x7402. For your convenience, we have online appointment scheduling.

How to contact Planned Parenthood in New York?

Phone: 202-973-4800. Fax: 202-296-3242. 123 William St. 10th Floor. New York, NY 10038. Phone: 212-541-7800. Fax: 212-245-1845. Contact Donor Services. For health services or other information, please visit www.plannedparenthood.org.

What kind of care does Planned Parenthood offer?

No matter what. Telehealth options are now available for many of our services, including Primary Care. It’s high-quality, affordable, remote care through a private and secure video-conferencing platform that connects our patients to our expert health care providers. At PPMW, you have access to your medical records.