Where is Juan Karlos labajo now?

Where is Juan Karlos labajo now?

Juan Karlos Labajo was born on February 5, 2001 and raised in Consolacion, Cebu, Philippines by his mother, Maylinda Labajo. His father left them when he was still a baby. His mother died when he was twelve years old, on November 17, 2013. He now lives with his Uncle Jovanni and Grandmother Linda in Metro Manila.

How tall is Juan Karlos?

1.75 m
Juan Karlos Labajo/Height

How old is Juan Carlos Philippines?

20 years (February 5, 2001)
Juan Karlos Labajo/Age

What type of song is Buwan by Juan Karlos?

“Moon”) is a song written and sung by Filipino actor, singer and songwriter, Juan Karlos Labajo….Buwan.

Genre Alternative, indie
Length 5:43
Label MCA Music
Songwriter(s) Juan Karlos Labajo

Is Maureen and Juan Karlos dating?

MANILA — Juan Karlos Labajo on Monday expressed his support for his girlfriend Maureen Wroblewitz, who is vying for Miss Universe Philippines crown this year. Posting a photo of his girlfriend on Instagram, Labajo asked his followers to download the Miss Universe app and vote for Wroblewitz.

What is the nationality of Juan Karlos?

Juan Karlos Labajo/Nationality

Is Juan Karlos a band?

Juan KarlosSince 2017
Juan Karlos Labajo/Music groups

Is Juan Karlos half Filipino?

Contrary to public perception that he is well-off, the half-German and half-Filipino teen singer will share in MMK the life of poverty that he faced since birth. Together with his grandmother and uncle who raised him, JK grew up thinking that he should work hard for everything that their family has.

Who is the GF of Juan Karlos?

Maureen Wroblewitz
MANILA — Musician Juan Karlos Labajo congratulated his girlfriend Maureen Wroblewitz who finished as a runner-up in the 2021 Miss Universe Philippines pageant on Thursday.

Who sang kahit ayaw mo na?

This Band
Kahit Ayaw Mo Na – Acoustic/Artists

This Band is an indie pop rock band based in Las Piñas, Philippines. They are best known for their sleeper hit single “Kahit Ayaw Mo Na.” The official music video for the song reached 22 million views, and the official lyric video reached 6.5 million views. `

How old is Maureen WROB?

23 years (June 22, 1998)
Maureen Wroblewitz/Age

Who sang Di Na Babalik?

Di Na Babalik/Artists

Who is Juan Karlos from the Voice Kids?

He is co-managed by ABS-CBN’s Star Magic and MCA Music Inc. (Philippines). He is currently the frontman of the band Juan Karlos . He auditioned for ABS-CBN ‘s reality singing competition The Voice Kids (Philippines season 1) shown from June to July 2014.

Who is the voice next door Juan Karlos Labajo?

The Voice Next Door was eliminated in the Semi-finals of the show. After, Labajo with Andrea Brillantes and the other Kapamilya Teen Stars’ production in ASAP last July 3, 2016, Robi Domingo and Toni Gonzaga announced that he will be joining the new Pinoy Big Brother: Lucky 7.

How old is Juan Karlos Labajo from the Philippines?

Juan Karlos Labajo ( Tagalog: [hwan ˈkaɾlos lɐˈbaho]; born February 5, 2001) is a Filipino singer-songwriter, guitarist, television personality and occasional actor. He is co-managed by ABS-CBN’s Star Magic and MCA Music Inc. (Philippines).

When did Juan Karlos Labajo start Star Magic?

Labajo’s first project as part of Star Magic was in ABS-CBN’s family drama series Hawak-Kamay. A preview on August 15, 2014, showed him with the show’s cast. His fellow The Voice Kids finalist, Lyca Gairanod, joined him in the cast on August 22.