Where is exxaro coal mine located?

Where is exxaro coal mine located?

Mpumalanga, South Africa
Situated some 20 km west of Kriel in Mpumalanga, South Africa, this mining complex comprises three mines that produce 14Mtpa of power station coal with a workforce of over 2 500 permanent employees and contractors. Matla is a fully mechanised underground mine employing continuous mining and shortwall methods.

What is exxaro mine?

Exxaro has since grown to become one of the largest black-empowered diversified mining companies in South Africa. Exxaro has an asset portfolio, which includes coal operations and investments in iron ore, residual pigment manufacturing and renewable (wind) energy (Cennergi).

Who is the CEO of exxaro?

Mxolisi Mgojo (Apr 1, 2016–)

Who owns Leeuwpan mine?

The Leeuwpan coal mine is a surface mine owned by Exxaro, producing around 3.65 million tonnes per year, 80 km south-east of Pretoria, Mpumalanga, South Africa.

Is exxaro a good company?

It is truly a very good Company.

Who owns exxaro resources?

Main Street 333 Proprietary Limited
Exxaro Resources Limited is a subsidiary of Main Street 333 Proprietary Limited.

Who are Australia’s biggest coal exporters?

In 2019-20 Australia exported 390 Mt of coal (177 Mt metallurgical coal and 213 Mt thermal coal) as was the world’s largest exporter of metallurgical coal and second largest exporter of thermal coal….Download coordinates as: KML.

Mine Lake Vermont
Location Dysart
Million tons mined pa 8.0
Million tons exported pa 8.0

Who does BMA sell coal to?

BHP Mitsubishi Alliance
Queensland Coal comprises the BHP Mitsubishi Alliance (BMA) and BHP Mitsui Coal (BMC) assets in the Bowen Basin in Central Queensland, Australia. BMA is Australia’s largest producer and supplier of seaborne metallurgical coal and is owned 50:50 by BHP and Mitsubishi Development.

What is Australia’s largest coal mine?

Peak Downs coal mine
The Peak Downs coal mine is located in the Bowen Basin of central Queensland and is currently the country’s biggest coal mine by recoverable reserves.

Is the Inyanda coal mine still in use?

Inyanda was one of Exxaro’s flagship mines and now after depletion of the Kalbasfontein and Pegasus South coal reserves, the well-maintained infrastructure will continue to generate value in the hands of Lurco and Burgh, and be put to good use for beneficiation. The deal is commercially sound based on solid business merits,” said Nkosi.

Who are the owners of Exxaro coal in Inyanda?

(From the left): Aubrey Chauke (Lurco Group), Ellington Nxumalo (Lurco Group), Neo Kgatuke (Exxaro Coal), Quinton van der Burgh (Burgh Group Holdings) and Ross Robertson (Burgh Group Holdings).

Where is Exxaro coal mine in South Africa?

Exxaro operates in both the Mpumalanga and Limpopo regions, where the country’s highest coal resource concentrations can be found. 80% of the coal is sold to domestic markets, with the balance sold internationally.

Where does Eskom get its coal from in India?

Some 22Mt of annual production is power station coal, transported directly to Eskom’s Matimba and Medupi power stations on a 7 km conveyor belt in terms of the existing supply contract. An additional 1,5Mtpa of metallurgical coal is sold domestically to the metal industry and others on short-term contracts.