Where is Dan Hicken now?

Where is Dan Hicken now?

Dan Hicken is a sports anchor for the Action Sports Jax team.

Is Dan Hicken still married?

Daniel Patrick Hicken has been a television sports news anchor in Jacksonville, Florida for over thirty years for two different broadcasting groups….

Dan Hicken
Title Sports Anchor
Spouse(s) Donna Clewis (divorced) Reagan Hicken
Children 2

How old is Dan Hicken?

58 years (May 12, 1963)
Dan Hicken/Age

How old is Donna Deegan?

60 years (February 28, 1961)
Donna Deegan/Age

Who is Dan Hicken married to?

Reagan Hickenm. 2003
Dan Hicken/Spouse

Is Donna Deegan related to Tommy Hazouri?

Jacksonville, Florida, U.S. She is the cousin of former Jacksonville mayor Tommy Hazouri. Deegan started her career in 1984 as the morning anchor for WTXL in Tallahassee. In 1985, she became the West Palm Bureau Chief for WTVX in Fort Pierce.

Is Donna Deegan married?

Tim Deeganm. 2002
Donna Deegan/Spouse

Who is Tim Deegan’s wife?

Donna Deeganm. 2002
Tim Deegan/Wife

Is Tommy Hazouri still alive?

Deceased (1944–2021)
Tommy Hazouri/Living or Deceased

Who is Donna Deegan husband?

Donna Deegan/Husband

What killed Tommy Hazouri?

September 11, 2021
Tommy Hazouri/Died

What nationality is Tommy Hazouri?

Tommy Hazouri/Nationality

When did Dan Hicken leave First Coast News?

Hicken’s contract with First Coast News expired on May 31, 2013 and because they could not agree on the terms of a new contract, Hicken left the station and accepted a position with Jacksonville stations WJAX-TV and WFOX-TV.

Who are the parents of Dan Hicken’s children?

On March 16, 2003, Hicken wed Reagan Dowling, a special education teacher in Jacksonville. He has three children: Danielle and Drew with his previous wife, Donna Deegan; and Brooks Dowling, from his second marriage.

Why was Dan Hicken selected for the Heisman Trophy?

Dan is a man among boys, a king among pawns Dan makes all those around him better in relationships, work ethic, religion & life! Hicken was recognized for his sports knowledge and reputation by being selected as a voting sports journalist for the Heisman Trophy.