Where does Cigar City Brewing distribute?

Where does Cigar City Brewing distribute?

CCB’s beer, including award-winning Jai Alai IPA, is currently available in twenty-four states encompassing Florida, Georgia, Alabama, Virginia, Pennsylvania, New York, New Jersey, Tennessee, North Carolina, South Carolina, Colorado, Utah, Texas, Illinois, Minnesota, Michigan, Delaware, California, Massachusetts.

Where is Cigar City Jai Alai made?

Translating Cigar City’s iconic IPA to be brewed in Michigan was no easy task; Wambles meticulously recreated Tampa’s mineral-rich water profile and sent lot-specific hops from Cigar City Brewing’s Tampa facility to Perrin to match every facet of his citrus-forward ale.

Is Cigar City Independent?

TAMPA ā€” Cigar City Brewing, the independent brewery that helped put Tampa Bay on the map for craft beer, announced Monday that it has agreed to sell a controlling interest of the company to another craft brewery in Colorado.

Does Cigar City Brewing have food?

A full-service kitchen offers Tampa-inspired cuisine seven days a week, with each menu item designed to complement an offering of CCB ales and lagers which includes many beers only available in our Spruce Street Taproom.

Does Cigar City Brewing sell cigars?

The Whole Cigar ā€“ Cigar City Brewing.

How much is Cigar City Brewing worth?

Oskar Blues buys Cigar City Brewing in deal valued at $60 million.

How much did Cigar City sell for?

In July of 2016, Redner purchased the home for $6.4 million, which was one of the biggest local real estate deals that year. A few months prior to the purchase, Redner sold a controlling stake of Cigar City Brewing to Colorado-based Oskar Blues for an estimated $60 million.

Why is Tampa called Cigar City?

On April 13, 1886, the newly opened Sanchez y Haya cigar company on 7th Avenue became the first place in Ybor City to roll a cigar. Hand-rolled cigars quickly became the primary industry in Tampa Bay, earning the community its nickname: Cigar City.

Does Cigar City Brewery have wine?

Brewpub & Taproom at Tampa International Airport Airside F offers the Cigar City Taproom at TPA, a cozy bar located near Gate F88 offering a full spread of CCB beers, wine, and liquor and a tasty tapas menu.

Is Jai Alai gluten free?

That means you can expect every beer to have high quality and innovative gluten and gluten-derived ingredients. Plus, NONE of their beers use animal-derived ingredients (that means no gelatin, isinglass, casein, or albumen), making these brews vegan-friendly!

How many calories are in a jai alai beer?

As the name suggests, the base beer is the Tampa-based brewery’s Jai Alai IPA, a year-round release named after a competitive game native to the Basque region of Spain that comes in at 7.5 percent ABV and has 330 calories in a 16-ounce can.