Where did Christina Watkins go?

Where did Christina Watkins go?

Originally from a small town outside of Orlando, called Oviedo, Christina went down to Miami for college and graduated from Florida International University in 2012. While in school, she was a sideline reporter and covered FIU football, basketball and baseball.

Who is Christina Watkins?

Christina Watkins is an Emmy-nominated 12 p.m. and 4 p.m. Anchor for WDSU News, the NBC-affiliate in New Orleans. When she’s not behind the desk, Christina is out in the field covering breaking news and tracking down stories that matter most to viewers.

Who is Chad Sabadie replacing?

Hearst-owned NBC affiliate WDSU New Orleans has hired Chad Sabadie to join Randi Rousseau as co-anchor of WDSU News This Morning, weekdays from 4:30 to 7 a.m., beginning in mid-April.

Where is Gina Swanson Wdsu?

Gina is an award-winning journalist and Emmy-nominated reporter whose career in news started in Monroe, La., where she anchored the weekend evening news. After three years in north Louisiana, Gina moved to Austin, Texas, where she spent two years anchoring the news and covering central Texas.

Where is Randi Rousseau from?

Southeast Louisiana
Randi Rousseau is a native of Southeast Louisiana and is the morning anchor for WDSU News This Morning.

How much does Margaret Orr make?

Margaret Orr Salary Orr earns an annual salary of $60,465 working as the Chief Meteorologist for WDSU News.

Where is Shay Oconnor from?

Uptown New Orleans
Shay grew up in Uptown New Orleans, where she attended Eleanor McMain High School. Her genuine school spirit and love for her high school community earned her winning homecoming queen, after Hurricane Katrina devastated New Orleans.

Where did Chad Sabadie come from?

Sabadie, a New Orleans native, attended Lake Castle School in Slidell and then Pope John Paul II in Slidell for high school. He was a part of two baseball state championship-winning teams at PJP II in 1997 and 1998. Sabadie graduated from both LSU (2003 B.A. in Mass Communication) and USC (2005 M.A. in Journalism).

How did Gina Swanson lose weight?

To shed that “extra 30 pounds,” Gina also did hot yoga — she takes classes at Ladera Yoga! With a regular routine, yoga hobby and a new mindfulness of alcohol consumption, Gina admitted that she does “feel healthier and better now.” However, weight fluctuates in all bodies, which Gina made sure to point out.

How tall is Damon Singleton?

Damon Singleton is a 6-2, 210-pound Outside Linebacker from Wyandotte, MI.

How many kids does Randi Rousseau have?

two children
Rousseau and Serigne had been married since 2013 and have two children, 3-year-old son Jacques and 2-year-old daughter Stella. WDSU News anchor Randi Rousseau is mourning the loss of her husband following an aggressive battle with a rare form of cancer.

Does Margaret Orr wear a wig?

Margaret Orr is a staple on any Carnival parade route, and people know how to find her by looking for her pink wig. For years, Orr wore a pink wig. She was given the wig on-air after sharing with a Broadway wig maker that her favorite part of Carnival as a kid was the pink cotton candy she’d eat on the route.

Who are the anchors on Fox 8 New Orleans?

Liz Reyes is an award winning anchor and reporter. She anchors the weekday Fox 8 Noon News and the 4pm Evening weekday Newscasts. Prior to that she anchored Fox 8 Morning Edition. She has called New Orleans home for 19 years and considers herself part of the complex “gumbo mix” of this great city.

Who are the anchors for WDSU in New Orleans?

Sula Kim Anchor. Morgan Lentes Anchor. Travers Mackel Anchor/Reporter. Randi Rousseau Anchor. Chad Sabadie Morning Anchor. Gina Swanson Anchor. Christina Watkins

Who are the anchors on WWLTV in Chicago?

Meet the Team. 1 Charisse Gibson – Anchor. Shoot her an e-mail at [email protected]. 2 Payton Malone – Meteorologist. 3 Devin Bartolotta – Reporter/Anchor. 4 Kevin Belton – Chef. 5 Duke Carter – Reporter.

Where can I find list of local news anchors?

Here is a complete list of nearly every local News Anchors in your town. Be sure to visit other states near here to find the records of more professionals. The Trustoria Directory helps you locate the best professional for your next project.