Where can I submit my research paper?

Where can I submit my research paper?

Submit and revise You can submit to most Elsevier journals using our online systems. The system you use will depend on the journal to which you submit. You can access the relevant submission system via the “submit your paper” link on the Elsevier.com journal homepage of your chosen journal.

Can I publish paper independently?

Just check the submission guidelines of the journal to which you want to submit the paper for details of how (and for details of what sort of papers they accept). Usually, the paper needs to be in a specified format and you can upload it through a web form. I have done and published it that way.

Can a student publish a paper?

Yes, of course, it is possible for a student to publish a research paper on the concern of his/her supervisor.

How do I publish an idea?

How To Publish Your Ideas: Some Tips For Academic PublishingEstablish one regular place for doing scholarly writing and nothing but (e.g., a library carrel, a table in your office, a desk at home, etc.).Keep your writing site free of temptations (e.g., exams to correct, magazines or newspapers, personal correspondence, etc.).Establish a regular schedule for scholarly writing.

Where can I publish a children’s story?

Websites Where Kids Can Create BooksStoryjumper is a great website where kids can read stories written by other kids, as well as create and publish their own books. Little Bird Tales is a site that encourages children to create stories and artwork of their own. Storybird is so much fun!

How do I get my children’s book noticed?

10 Ways to Promote a First BookThrow a book party. Visit local bookstores and libraries. Compile a list of reviewers. Compile a list of retailers. Offer school visits. Produce an instructional aid. Join organizations. Attend events.

Can you make money writing children’s books?

Writing for children is a career where anything is possible. The top 1% of children’s authors made more than $200,000 last year. It’s also possible to become an overnight success.

How do you publish a book if you are a kid?

How to Publish a Book Written by a Child: What You Need to KnowFind an editor for comprehensive editing,Hire a proofreading service to spot typos or grammar mistakes.Join writing groups to exchange critiques with other writers, and/or.Look for beta readers to see how an audience might respond.