Where can I buy Avalon treasure cards?

Where can I buy Avalon treasure cards?

A Guide To Treasure Cards.

  • Wizard City Library.
  • Krokotopia Library.
  • The Archivist.
  • Zafaria Library.
  • Avalon Library.
  • Where are the card vendors in Wizard101?

    The best place to purchase treasure cards are at the Library in Wizard City. If they do not have the treasure card you need, you can get a friend of that school to make you some. (The Keen Eyes Treasure Card, also available at the Library is how treasure cards are made).

    Where is the treasure card vendor in Celestia?

    no treasure card vendor has them so in Celestia there is one training point that is not acquirable. give everyone a free point in order to be fair about it. You can buy Reshuffle from the Archivist in Celestia, Zan’ne in Krokotopia, or Harold Argleston in Wizard City.

    Can you use treasure cards in Wizard101?

    Wizard101 Spell Cards To start using treasure cards, you have to put them in your deck. You can now scroll through your treasure cards and place them in your deck by simply clicking on them. To use a Treasure card in battle, discard cards from your hand by right-mouse-clicking them, and a button will light up.

    What do treasure cards do in Wizard 101?

    Treasure cards are single-use spell cards that you can use to cast Spells. You get Treasure Cards independently of other spells and they are mostly more powerful versions of their normal spell counterparts, which makes them useful.

    Where do you get the giant treasure card?

    The Archivist in District of the Stars sells the Giant treasure card, and if you ever need to craft it, Avery Templeton in Celestia Base Camp sells the recipe. Avery Templeton in Celestia Base Camp sells the crafting recipe for Giant.

    Can you only use treasure cards once?

    you can only use a Treasure Card once, then it’s gone.

    How do you get potent trap in TC?

    Only the ultra seeds as the regular seed won’t give you a potent trap. Planting Alligator Pear Trees will help get the Ultra Alligator Pear Trees needed for the potent trap drop, but it’s correct that it’s only dropped from the UAPT. Another way is PvP tournaments – potent trap is quite a common prize.

    Where is the archivist in Celestia?

    Behind a portal in Celestia Base Camp is the District of the Stars. The District of the Stars was overrun by Piscean mercenaries working for the Crustacean Empire. Inside the District can be found the Astral Archives, as well as The Archivist and the entrance to the Stellarium.

    How do you get more cards in Wizard 101?

    To buy one, go to the Bazaar and you should easily find another spell deck if you’re level 10 or beyond. To win one, you should keep questing and eventually, new spell decks drop in Krokotopia, Marleybone and Mooshu.

    Where can I buy monstrous TCS?

    Re: Gaining the “Monstrous” spell You can either buy it in Myth Treasure Card form at the Bazaar (or possibly even from some of the libraries – not sure about that though), or wait until you are past level 50 and spend Training Points to learn them in Celestia (Sun School).

    Where can you find treasure cards in Wizard101?

    The following Treasure Card Vendors can be found throughout the Spiral: Babbage Basset, Francis Lux, Harold Argleston, Kiliman Copperleaf, Lamat Snake Ink, Librarian Fitzhume, Prefect Josapat, The Archivist, Una MoonDancer, Zan’ne Vendor bought Treasure Cards are normally more expensive than the Bazaar, but they never run out of stock.

    Where to find MooShu in Wizard101 central?

    Click here to make a free account to edit this wiki and the related forums at Wizard101 Central. Click here for area pricing for MooShu and its locations. MooShu, based on Feudal-Japan, is a beautiful land with a rich, deep history. Full trees, carefully maintained gardens, and tall mountains can be found everywhere.

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    How can you trade treasure cards with Wizards?

    You can trade most Treasure Cards with Wizards on your Friends list. See Trading for more information. Treasure Cards can be made during Duels by using Enchantment and Mutate Treasure Cards. Diego the Duelmaster explains how to do this in the Diego the Duelmaster Quest.