Where are the best seats at Manchester Opera House?

Where are the best seats at Manchester Opera House?

Seats in the front and mid-centre of the Stalls are the best overall seats in the Opera House. These seats offer clear, unrestricted views of the stage. Equally, sitting in the mid-front of the Circle ensures that you will have a great view, particularly for large-scale musical productions.

Does Manchester Opera House have boxes?

What time does the Opera House Manchester box office open? The box office opens for ticket collection 90 minutes before the first performance of the day and remains open until 15 minutes after curtains up.

What are the best seats in Sydney Opera House?

Best Seats in the Theatre: Opt for the middle seats in rows D to H of the stalls section if you’re looking for a great view of the stage. The middle seats of the first two rows of the circle section are also considered premium since they are not obstructed and offer a clean view of the stage.

What are the best opera seats?

Generally, the best seats in the house are going to be in the center orchestra and right in the center of the house. The right and left orchestra areas tend to have good seats for seeing the action taking place on the sides of the stage, provided the seats are reasonably close.

Are circle or stall seats better?

As a rule rows 6-8 in the stalls tend to offer the best views. The dress circle – Also sometimes called the Royal Circle, first balcony or mezzanine, the dress circle is the next tier of seating above the stalls. Upper circle seats are usually about the same price as the rear stalls.

Is Phantom of the Opera still playing anywhere?

The Phantom of the Opera will return to the Majestic Theatre from Oct. 22, 2021, continuing its run as the longest-running Broadway musical of all time.

How many seats are there in the Manchester Opera House?

The Gallery is similar in size to the Circle, with a seating capacity of over 500 split into three seating blocks by two vertical aisles. Rows towards the front of this section extend to 46 seats and curve quite dramatically in a horseshoe shape.

Is the Opera House in Manchester wheelchair accessible?

Wheelchair spaces are both accessible from street level. The opera house features an infra-red sound enhancement system for patrons with hearing impairments. Access to the sound system can be provided via headset, which is available in the cloak room for a £10.00, returnable deposit. Hearing and guide dogs are permitted in the theatre.

Where are the toilets in the Opera House Manchester?

The Gallery bar is located at the rear of the seating at the top of the theatre. Women’s and Men’s toilets can be found at the rear of the Gallery.

Which is the nearest train station to the Manchester Opera House?

Oxford Road station is just 10 minutes away and Piccadillly station is one mile from the opera house. By tram: St. Peters Square is the closest tram stop. By bus: Situated on Quay Street, the Manchester Opera House is on and/or close to all major bus routes. By coach: Coaches are available from Manchester Central.