Where are JBC tools made?

Where are JBC tools made?

JBC SOLDERING, S.L. JBC SOLDERING SL is located in MOLINS DE REI, Spain and is part of the Other Electrical Equipment and Component Manufacturing Industry.

Who makes JBC?

Howard Electronics
JBC Tools sold by Howard Electronics Having over 80 years of experience, JBC Tools strives for product reliability, excellence and efficiency to meet the needs of even the most demanding soldering processes.

Is Hakko a good brand?

Hakko and Weller are two of the best soldering iron manufacturers. Around $100 or less, Hakko is the way to go. Their soldering irons and stations are simply better quality in this price range. Once you get into the $200+ price range, either brand is a great choice.

What does JBC stand for?


Acronym Definition
JBC Just Be Cool
JBC Japan Billiard Council
JBC Jantzen Beach Center (Portland, OR)
JBC Jaime Bateman Cayon Group (Colombia)

What is the full form of JBC?

JBC Full Form

Full Form Category Term
Journal of Biological Chemistry Chemistry JBC
Junction Box, Current Relay Electronics JBC
Boston (ma) Airport Code JBC
Johnson Bible College Educational Institute JBC

What kind of solder should I use for electronics?

For electronics soldering, the most commonly used type is lead-free rosin core solder. This type of solder is usually made up of a Tin/Copper alloy. You can also use leaded 60/40 (60% tin, 40% lead) rosin core solder but it’s becoming less popular due to health concerns.

What is JBC in Java?

JBC is an eclipse plugin that enables the developer to view and edit files containing java byte code (*. class) inside eclipse. This is done in a way such that a specialized editor opens the .

What does JVC mean?

Victor Company
At one time, the company used the Nivico name (for “Nippon Victor Company”) overseas, before rebranding to JVC, which stands for Japan’s Victor Company.

What is JBC short for?

Which is soldering station do you use JBC or Metcal?

JBC, Metcal, Weller… Depends on the iron being used. Those used with the newer WX series do, but the WMP or WSP80/WP80 irons used with the WD series do not. Setback with these irons when it’s placed in the stand requires an optional Stop-n-Go stand (uses a micro switch).

Which is soldering station do you need for measurement desk?

JBC, Metcal, Weller… I’m moving soon and I will have a dedicated soldering/dirt-work and measurment-desk. Therefore I need a second soldering-station for the measurement-desk. Now the question is… which one? Right now I own a Weller WSD-81 (soldering) and WMD-3 (Tweezer, Desoldering, Hot-Air). A good station, no cheap crap.

Which is soldering station has a magnetic switch?

Weller has build in a acceleration-sensor, Ersa seems to have a magnetic switch in their tools and JBC detects by the metal surface. Hakko uses a switch in the stand, which I think is not that great because of the cable laying around. The iCon 1 could be an alternative to the JBC.